Finally Make Email Work for Your Business

If you need ongoing help with writing emails you’ll love these templates (I get crazy high open rates whenever I use them).

As you probably know, I also create & sell email templates (and have been since like 2014), but mine are designed for very specific marketing purposes – like launching your course, onboarding a new client, re-engaging your list, etc.

Whereas Liz’s templates will help you more with your everyday emailing needs. Like sending a newsletter, sharing a resource/tool, telling people about your latest video or blog post, or just getting people to reply, click, or fill out a dang survey for ya.

So whenever you need to send an email to your list, but you’re not feeling inspired or motivated – just login, grab a template (there are dozens), and send hit send.

Watch Liz’s really fun infomercial for all the details:

Click Here to Finally Make Email Work for Your Business



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