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Business Tracker Toolkit

Take a look behind the scenes of my Business Tracker Toolkit…

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When outsourcing doesn’t bring results…

Outsourcing Results

Here’s what most people do when outsourcing doesn’t bring the results they expect. Watch the video (or read the transcript)…

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“Top 5 Regrets People Make On Their Deathbed…”

I like this post about outsourcing

Yeah, crazy, right?

So I came across this article the other day where a nurse shared what she found to be the top 5 regrets people expressed just before their death.

And I wanted to share them with you because they are truly eye-opening, and maybe they’ll inspire you to create change in your own life!

The Top 5 Regrets are:

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[Free Download] 4 Templates to Help You Train Your Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistan

My team and I are always working to update and improve our library of “team training documents”, so today I wanted to share 4 of them with you in a free download.

You can give these templates to your virtual assistant and add them to your own training library. Or, you can just download them just to get ideas for how you can create your own team training :)

The 4 Templates Included in this Free Download are…

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Are you being faithful to outsourcing?

Are you being faithful to outsourcing?

Are you being faithful to outsourcing, or are you doing this instead? Watch the video (or read the transcript) to find out now…

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Setting boundaries to gain more time


Do you have boundaries in place throughout your business? Or you think you do, but you frequently give into others and let them step over your boundaries?

It’s so important to protect your time by setting unbreakable boundaries :)

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FAQ: How Do I Start Outsourcing My Work if I’m Not Making a lot of Money Yet?

Time Freedom Business

Q: How do I start outsourcing my work if I’m not making a lot of money in my business yet?

A: A lot of people ask this. They think they can’t afford to outsource because it’s too expensive…but do it right and it’s going to MAKE you money by hiring people.This may be a long answer, but let me start with…

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FAQ: How do you find good contractors and get them to complete tasks on time?

Time Freedom Business

So Melissa, do you discuss anywhere how to find really, really good outsourcers? That seems to be part of the challenge – finding those outsourcers that are reasonably priced and still do a fantastic job.

Any suggestions on getting things done on time? I set deadlines and then find myself pestering the person about it. In fact this week, I was told it would be done “in a couple hours” and six hours later still nothing. The end product was good, but having to ask multiple times was annoying.

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2 Free Time Saving Tools to Create Sexy Titles for Your Social Media Posts, Blog Posts, and More.

Outsourcing Tools

Check out the 2 free tools I found that will help you create sexy titles for your social media posts, blog posts, ebooks, reports, products, and more.

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700 Pages of Fill-in-the-Blank Templates

save time with content templates

If you haven’t seen this tool that I’m using to make writing blog posts, articles, reports, ebooks, kindle books, emails, sales letters, and more faster and easier – you need to check it out!

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