3 Project Management Tips to Organize Your Busy Week

3 Project Management Tips to Organize Your Busy Week

If you’re overwhelmed by your “to-do” list, and you find yourself procrastinating or doing things you shouldn’t be doing (like trolling around on Facebook), instead of doing the tasks at hand, you’ll enjoy these tips.

There are 3 key things that I do to make sure that I get a lot done during a busy week…

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3 Tips for Creating Your Own Team Standard Operating Procedures Manual

3 Tips for Creating Your Own Standard Operating Procedures Manual

Documenting your business tasks/projects is KEY when you’re outsourcing (and super helpful to have for yourself too)!

Even though it may sound like a lot of work (it’s really not), you’ll be saving yourself a ton of headaches + hassles + wasted money if you do it.

Here are 3 Tips for Creating Your Own Team SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) Manual…

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stop wasting time + go from idea to profit fast!

Time Saving Tip

As rockin’ entrepreneurs, it’s only natural that we get a shit ton ideas for things we want to create in our business.

Problem is…we tend to waffle on 99% of them.

We say, “Oh, that’s an awesome idea I’ll launch it in 3 months. Hmm…better make that 6, I’m kind of busy right now.”

Over the many (many) years I’ve been in business, I’ve literally created and launched hundreds of products, memberships, masterminds, and more!

You want to go from idea to profit fast? You gotta do this:

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list of peeps I personally hire + outsource my biz tasks to

Melissa's Fab Service Contractors List

My peeps are always asking me who I hire and outsource to, or who I recommend.

Heck, maybe you’re even one of the chickees who’ve sent in a note to my team asking for a recommendation.

Obviously, I’m the perfect the person to ask, eh? 😉

Well…now I’m making it easy for you to find a great contractor – and even get the deets about my own personal service contractors.

I’ve put together a HUGE list of service contractors (75 so far), including 14 of my own peeps – and 61 others that I’ve starred for my own personal reference. So if I need a copywriter, a designer, a tech person, whoever – THIS is the list I refer to.

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