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Is Your Business Safe Against Life’s Surprises (like an Unexpected Illness or Surgery)?

Whether You Realize it or Not, You Need a Plan for Your Loved Ones to Take Charge of Your Business When You Can’t!

Hello gorgeous.

Do you have secret “what if” fears about how your family will manage your business if you get sick or have an accident and you’re not able to work?

Listen…I know that you don’t want to deal with this stuff.

It’s boring, a tad morbid, and you probably want to click away from this page right now and just pretend you didn’t see this.

But let’s talk about this for a minute…

What if you had a car accident.
Ended up hospitalized.
Needed surgery.
And weren’t able to work for a month.

Do Your Loved Ones Have Everything They Need to Take Charge of Your Business Today?


Do they know how to notify your clients and reschedule projects?


Do they know how to withdraw funds from your PayPal account so you can pay your bills?


Do they know how to carry on your business without you?

The thing is, if you suddenly disappear for a few weeks and your clients and team have no idea what happened to you – you may not even have a business to go back to! 

Being unprepared could negatively impact your reputation if uninformed people start talking on social media.

And it could also lead to chargebacks and payment disputes because your clients think you just took off.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you…

It’s Time to Release Your Fears and Empower Yourself, Your Family, and Your Business!

You’re not alone!

Most business owners don’t want to think about this kind of stuff, and if they do, they have no idea how to even go about creating a plan.

Now I’m not trying to freak you out with all the doom and gloom stuff. I just want you to be prepared!

Which is why I’ve created a workbook to help you create a clear action plan that includes everything your loved ones will need to step in and take care of your business if you get sick, need unexpected surgery, or pass away.

You’ll arm them with all the information they’ll require to continue running your business, sell, or shut it down.

You won’t have to worry about whether or not your clients will even know what happened, or about how those outstanding invoices will be paid, or how your loved one will figure out how to stop your bank account from being dinged for payments via PayPal.

You’ll feel a wave of peace when you complete this workbook, and you’ll rest easy knowing that everything is going to be okay if the unexpected happens. You’ll feel stronger and less stuck by your “what if” fears.

With that in mind, here’s…

How to Create Emergency Business Documentation Like a Boss Workbook!

This purpose of this workbook is to guide you and your team through the process of preparing and planning for an emergency situation that would potentially leave you unavailable to run your business.

This workbook will serve to assist a family member or a friend to either manage things during your absence or shut down the business. 

As I guide you through this step-by-step process, you will think about how you’d like an emergency situation handled, document your intentions, gather pertinent information, and store this information in an accessible place for your loved one to locate, if needed.

When you’re done, you can relax a bit knowing that if something ever happened to you, your business obligations and wishes could be implemented with as little added stress to your team and loved ones as possible.

Let’s get started!

This Step-by-Step Workbook Covers:

Step-by-Step Workbook Covers:

  • Step 1: Decision Time with 3 Example Decision Making Scenarios 
  • Step 2: Who Needs to Know?
  • Step 3: Notify Clients & Cancel Recurring Billing
  • Step 4: Connect With Your VA & Other Team Members
  • Step 5: Cancel Systems & Software
  • Step 6: Deal With Finances
  • Step 7: Put Everything Together

Download this Workbook for Only $27 $10!