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Get Ready to Give Up Hustling for New Clients & Creating Crazy Amounts of Content Just to “Keep Up”–and (Finally) Learn How to Make Passive Income Work for You!

Hey there gorgeous!

While working with clients in a very intimate way can be fun, fulfilling & even lucrative…

…and creating all.the.content. can be, too (especially if content is “your thing”)…

…both of those things can also be a big, fat waste of your talent, skills & hustle!

Wait, what?

Hear me out.

The truth is, income that only exists because you’re at your laptop for 12 hours a day cranking out new content and/or “hopping on” discovery calls with who-knows-how-many potential new clients–is fabulous…until it’s not.

If active income is your gluten-free bread & (almond) butter, you’re not alone: Most coaches and service providers out there count on “signing new clients” every month for their paycheck.

If you can relate, the good & bad news is this:

You’re barely scratching the surface of the income–and the impact–you could be making with those stiletto-tipped nails of yours!

Yep. If right now you’re….

Delivering services one-to-one (or even in small groups) day after day (and consistently hitting an income ceiling because, geez–there are only so many hours in the day!)...

Posting epic social media content that simply expires after 24 hours (hello, IG Stories and Lives!) or gets buried in the Facebook newsfeed faster than you can say, “Look, a new cat meme!”...

Literally never updating your website (or even considering the ways in which said website could potentially flood your bank account with big ones, with just a few tweaks)…

Letting your “old” content or products sit in your Dropbox for Business account untouched because you’re “not launching” (or you just don’t know what to do with it all)...

Running a “funnel” that’s not fully optimized–aka doesn’t include multiple ways for people to pay you for multiple offers…

And worst of all, relying on one source of income (ahem, coaching) to provide for you (and your family, and cats) every month…

…You’re Missing Out on Tons Of Cold, Hard, Passive Cash–Right Now!

Seriously. If that list above had you all, “Shoot. I didn’t even think about that…” then do yourself a massive favor & keep your eyes right here, gorgeous.

If you find even one of the above situations #relatable, then you are 100% missing out on the beauty of multiple income streams & the recurring, passive revenue that comes from the right ones.

And I’m here to help change all that.

Just Imagine How Utterly Different Your Life Would Be if You Could 2x or 3x Your Income–Without Creating a Crap Ton More Content or Signing 2x or 3x More Clients!

What would it mean for you? Maybe…

Finally taking a day (or week or month) off from the content creation grind–and still seeing Stripe notifications popping up in your inbox?

Saying “Sorry, next!” to any client you know isn’t 1000% aligned, because you’ll make more-than-enough money regardless?

Relaxing a little, letting your shoulders drop & saying #bye to that sinking feeling that your business is always on the brink of “falling apart”?

And if so, wouldn’t that be something?

Well, this isn’t a wish-upon-a-star scenario, girlfriend!

Real business owners just like you are making more money on repeat–without taking on an overwhelming amount of new clients, pulling out all the stops (and/or their hair extensions) for crazy-massive launches or even creating new content all the time. RIGHT NOW.

Today’s technology has made creating passive income streams easier than ever.

There Are SO Many Ways to Set Up Automated, Passive Income Streams in Your Business and Make More Money from the Work You Already Do, Like…

Repurposing content you’ve already crafted over the years (and poured all your hard-won knowledge, skills, talent and Starbucks-fueled creativity into) into paid products

Finessing your current funnels so they become hands-off cash machines– thanks to irresistible built-in upsells, downsells and crossells that require nothing from you (once you set them up, obvs)

Bundling your best content together & selling it on autopilot so you can serve new people without creating anything new (Spoiler alert: There’s more to this than zipping a bunch of files together, but when you know how to do it–it’s like turning water into wine. Or wealth. Whatever.)

Whipping together a membership program that houses all those high-quality videos, killer podcasts and badass webinars you’ve created–and hums along in the background, making you killer cash with minimal upkeep

(And this is just a sliver of the infinite possibilities!)

BUT if you continue to spend the bulk of your time trying to find private clients and then delivering services to only those clients…it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever realize that big, juicy, audacious vision for your business.

The Truth is You Don’t Have to CONSTANTLY WORK to Make Your Money!

Instead, you can put in a little UPFRONT WORK and reap the rewards (and bumped-up revenue) over & over.

Odds are, your audience is actually dying to give you more of their money for more of your wisdom & insight.

You just need to make it possible–and easy!–for them to do it.

So if this page is tugging at you in that OMG-yes-please-teach-me-how–NOW! kinda way…




Learn How to Make Passive Income with Savvy, No-Fail Systems & Processes that Bring In Big Money No Matter What–without Hustling to Sign Tons of New Clients or Putting Together Another Long, Drawn-Out Launch!

The “Passive Income Flow! How to Monetize Your Work to Create Multiple Streams of Income” Project Kit Includes a Step-by-Step Marketing Plan + Templates + Checklists to Help You AND Your Assistant Tackle Your To-Do List with Ease!

Many of the documents in this project kit come in .docx format so that you can customize them to your business needs, and add in any additional information you’d like to include.

But here’s the sweet part: All you have to do is customize the plan to your specific business goals and needs and hand it off to your assistant, confident she’ll know EXACTLY what to do the ENTIRE MONTH.

And then, you can let out a sweet sigh of relief, confident that stuff’s actually gonna get it done…and finally book that much-needed mani/pedi (without guilt).

This Step-by-Step Plan Covers: (.doc format)

  • Getting Started
    • Marketing Strategy Overview
    • Timeline & Budget
  • Section 1: Leverage Your Existing Content to Beef Up Your Wallet
    • Step 1: Create It Once And Then Package That Baby Up For Easy-Peasy Money!
    • Step 2: Bundle It Up And Make Bank
    • Step 3: Package Your Product Bundle For A Superior Customer Experience
    • Step 4: Re-package Your Paid Content Into Other Offers
    • Step 5: You’ve Already Done The Work, Now Cash In With Recurring Revenue
  • Section 2: Making Cash On Auto-Pilot Is Easier Than Ever Before
    • Step 6: Upselling Your Offers Like A Boss
    • Step 7: Downselling Is The Little-known Secret To Creating Repeat Customers
    • Step 8: Your Job Isn’t Done After They Hit ‘Submit’ 
    • Step 9: Creating Bump Offers That Make Your Customers Say ‘Hell Yes’
  • Section 3: Optimize Your Funnels To Generate Your Sales With Ease
    • Step 10: Selling = Serving: Keep Promoting Those Abandoned Carts
    • Step 11: Use A Tripwire Page To Generate A No-Brainer For Your Customer
    • Step 12: The Fortune Is Always In The Follow-up
  • Section 4: Haul In Cash By Promoting The Products You Love
    • Step 13: Share The Love For Service & Sales for Increased Revenue Potential
    • Step 14: Set Up Your Go-to Page For Money-Making Success
PLUS, You’ll Also Get All These Materials Included Inside this Kit Too!

Templates + Worksheets + Swipe Files + And More!

  • Abandoned Cart Sequence Email Template
  • Affiliate Program Email Templates
  • Behavioral-based Email Templates 
  • Checklist Creation Template
  • Determine Your Best Bump Offer Worksheet
  • Power Words Cheat Sheet
  • Thank-You Page Worksheet
  • Upsell and Downsell Mapping Worksheet
  • Upsell Sweetener & Reminder Email Templates
  • Content Repurposing Tracker
  • Membership Program Outlining Worksheet

Task Tracking Calendar (.doc format)

This calendar is such a simple, but powerful tool with task reminders to help your assistant stay on schedule, and meet your deadlines. She can print off a copy to keep on her desk, or she can add the tasks to her calendar in Basecamp or whatever project management system you use.

Checklists to Help You & Your Virtual Assistant Stay on Track (.doc format)

  • Affiliate Programs Checklist
  • Content Repurposing Checklist
  • Membership Program Systems & Set-up Checklist
  • Offer Set-up Checklist
  • Prepare Your Business Checklist
  • Systems Comparison Checklist

Monthly Results Report (.pdf format)

This is a fill-in-the-blank report that your assistant can fill in at the end of every month. It will give you a snapshot of your business after the new marketing plan has been implemented, what your assistant worked on, and what else she can do to help you clear your plate. She can share achieved results, any unexpected hurdles that came up and and how she handled them, as well as any feedback she has.
Here are a Few Examples of Some of the Items You’ll Get:

Step-by-Step Marketing Plan

You can hand this step-by-step plan to your virtual assistant and she can follow the steps to help you in your business. You can edit and tweak this document with additional information your team may need, or you can even remove anything that doesn’t apply to your business.

You can even record a training video covering each of the steps in this plan that walks your VA through exactly what you need her to do to help you with this project. Then just upload to dropbox and share it with her.

Monthly Results Report

Give this fill-in-the-blank report to your assistant at the completion of your project. It will give you a snapshot of your business after the new marketing plan has been implemented, what your assistant worked on, and what else she can do to help you clear your plate. She can share achieved results, any unexpected hurdles that came up and how she handled them, as well as any feedback she has.

 Task Tracking Calendar

This calendar is such a simple, but powerful tool with task reminders to help your assistant stay on schedule, and meet your deadlines. She can print off a copy to keep on her desk, or she can add the tasks to her calendar in Basecamp or whatever project management system you use.

Abandoned Cart Sequence Email Templates

Use these templates to create an email series designed to help recover abandoned-cart sales.

Affiliate Program Email Templates

Customize these templates to use for affiliate programs.

Behavioral-based Email Templates 

Use these templates to customize your customer experience and increase follow-up conversions.

Checklist Creation Template

Use this template to make sure you cover every area when creating individual checklists for different bundles.

Determine Your Best Bump Offer Worksheet

Use this worksheet to determine your ideal bump offer. Then use the swipe template to create your copy.

Membership Program Outlining Worksheet

Use this worksheet to create a focused membership program outline to propel your member straight towards her goal – and generate recurring monthly revenue for you!

Power Words Cheat Sheet

 Use these conversion-boosting power words and keywords in your copy. 

Thank-You Page Worksheet

Use this worksheet to map out and maximize your ideal thank-you page.

Upsell and Downsell Mapping Worksheet

Use this worksheet to brainstorm the best and most perfectly-priced and conditioned upsell and downsell ideas.

Upsell Sweetener & Reminder Email Templates

Use these email templates to deliver the upsell you offered after purchase if your new customer/member ignored the upsell pitch.

Affiliate Programs Checklist

Use this checklist to speed up the process of setting up an affiliate program.

Content Repurposing Checklist

Use this checklist to brainstorm product formats for passive income repurposing – especially if the content you’re repurposing is relevant and evergreen. 

Membership Program Systems & Set-up Checklist

Use this checklist to organize and plan your membership program systems set up.

Offer Set-up Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure you are properly implementing upsells, downsells, and bump offers, as well as correctly identify OTOS, and adding all offers to the correct pages.

Prepare Your Business Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure you have installed everything you need to protect your business and website.

Systems Comparison Checklist

Use this checklist to compare automated product delivery systems.

Download the Plan & Templates Now for Only $127!

Anddid you know that if you’re a coach or service provider, you can actually use this kit and get paid by your clients?

You totally can!

If you’re a coach, you can:

1) Use the kit and document your own process along the way. Meaning…make notes about your aha’s, the things that came up for you, any challenges you had, what you did, your results.

2) Create a 1:1 coaching session package or VIP day around the topic of the kit that you can sell to your clients.

3) Print out the kit docs and have your notes in front of you. Then, guide your client through the entire process, step-by-step. You can “teach” them each step, and then work through the questions with them during your session. They’ll walk away from their session with a plan they can take and apply to their business.

4) Don’t want to do live 1:1 sessions? Record a video training for each step, and then at the end of each video, give them their “homework” to work on before moving onto the next step. Then sell the course to your clients. Or post it as new content to your paid group program.

5) Or simply, use the kit during a client’s monthly 1:1 call so you have something to talk about and work on. Especially if your client doesn’t have much to say or report on. So instead of sitting there in awkward silence or cutting a call short – you’ll have something of value to provide to your client.

Now here’s the thing though…you CANNOT sell or giveaway the kit directly, because that’s just for you and your team to use within your business.

BUT…you CAN do all of the things I mentioned above.

If you’re an assistant / business manager / operations manager you can:

You can get on the phone with your client for a strategy session, and use the kit as a guide. You’ll come across as a total expert AND you’ll create an action plan for your client at the same time.

  • Print off the kit docs to have in front of you during your call.
  • Discuss each step in depth using the kit content as a guide.
  • Walk through the questions and exercises with your client, and write their answers right onto the kit pages.
  • Wrap up the call with a plan of action for how you’ll proceed and assist your client in their business.

And hey, if you or your client are not able to, or don’t have time to get on the phone – record all the information, and then send the recording and the list of info you need back from them to proceed.

Seriously…there is nothing more powerful to a biz owner than an assistant who shows initiative. We want people on our team who can take an idea and come back to us with a plan of action for how to get it done!

And I’ve made it super easy for you to do all of that with the project kit on this page…

I’ve loved Melissa since 2009 and everything she puts out is golden. These project kits are complete time savers. If you are a business owner, it has everything you need, a turnkey solution to hand over to your assistant. If you are a VA, you will WOW your client by anticipating their needs and having an organized system ready to go. Love these kits!

Lisa Wells,

Melissa Ingold is a genius! She’s taken all the work out of delegating tasks to your team with her Freedom Finder toolkits.  It’s so easy. You just open it up, answer a few questions and hand off the rest to your virtual assistant. Now an entire part of your business is handled and you’re getting reports and status updates from your team without you having to beg for them. You don’t have to understand how the entire process works and you don’t have to build out the entire process. It’s as turn-key as you can get. You’ll get more accomplished in your business, without working harder, and your assistant will be happier because you’re giving her everything she needs to be successful. It can’t get better than that. 

Deanna Maio,

Download the Plan & Templates Now for Only $127!

3 Reasons Why You Need this Project Kit…

Grow Your Biz + Make Money

Now your assistant can stop wasting her time and your money working on dead-end tasks that lead you nowhere! These kits give her direction for working on real projects that will actually help you grow your business and your income.

Save Money + Boost Your ROI

Paying your assistant by the hour can really add up, especially if the tasks you assign really aren’t doing anything for your business, and your outsourcing dollars are being wasted on dead-end projects. Using this project kit will shave hours off your invoice because she won’t have to start from scratch – and she’ll be able to easily “rinse + repeat” it whenever you want – no more wasted money on tasks that don’t get results.

Save Time + Avoid Frustration

Your time is crazy valuable,  so why waste it with tons of back-and-forth emails as you try to explain to your assistant exactly what you want done. With this project kit, you don’t even need to know ‘exactly what you want done’, because she’ll have tons of templates and tools that will help her get right to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Give this Kit to My Assistant?

Can I Give this Kit to My Assistant?

Yes. You have permission to give this kit to your assistant and other team members to work on your business projects for you.

I’m Not Ready to Hire an Assistant - Can I Still Use this kit?

I’m Not Ready to Hire an Assistant – Can I Still Use this kit?

Absolutely! You can use this for your own personal use to help you fast-track a business project or task. You’ll save so much time + energy by using all the items in the kit.

By documenting your business marketing and tasks, and building your library of training content now, you’ll be in a much better position when you are ready to hire an assistant.

Are the Documents Editable or Are They Only in PDF?

Are the Documents Editable or Are They Only in PDF?

Some of the documents in this kit are editable, therefore they can be edited by you and your team. For instance, the step-by-step marketing plan is always in .doc format, and so are any email templates.

However, some of the items in the kit may be in PDF format. Generally, the only items that are in PDF format are the items that do not need customizing. For example, a flowchart would be in PDF format.

I’m a Virtual Assistant - Can I Use this Kit to Help My Clients?

I’m a Virtual Assistant – Can I Use this Kit to Help My Clients?

Yes. You have permission to use this kit to help you work on a project for your client. In fact, your clients will be impressed that you have all these amazing tools on hand to assist them with their business projects.

Using this kit will make your job so much easier + a lot more fun when you don’t have to create things from scratch (like writing all those autoresponder emails or creating a telesummit speaker kit).

Plus, this kit has the added benefit of teaching of YOU how to do something – which means, you can turn around and offer it as a new service to your clients.

Is this Private Label Rights Content (PLR)?

Is this Private Label Rights Content (PLR)?

NO. You do NOT have permission to resell this kit in any way to your customers or clients.

You can NOT give this kit away for free.

This kit is intended for internal use within your own business.

What are the Terms of Use on This Kit?

What are the “Terms of Use” for This Kit?

This kit is intended for personal business use only:


  • Use the toolkit yourself in your business.
  • Give it to your virtual assistant and other team members to work on your business projects.
  • Use the toolkit to provide services to your own paid clients.


  • Resell this kit in any way to your customers, clients, or members as this is not PLR.
  • Give this kit away for free.

If you have questions about these terms of use, please contact my team and ask.

Download the Plan & Templates Now for Only $127!