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Introducing “BOSS! Triple Your Productivity in 30 Days While Doing Less” for the Entrepreneur Who Wants to Earn More + Create More + Live More!

fba_boss-tripleyourproductivityin30days_324wideIf you don’t start ruthlessly letting go of everything that is not helping you get the income + lifestyle you want, then you’re going to spend another year stuck, bored, and dying inside from not doing the work that is meaningful to you!

And I know that’s not what you really want for yourself and your family.

So gorgeous, you’re going to have to decide to do something about it.

And I can help you.

I’ll be guiding you DAILY on what to do and how to do it, so you’ll know exactly how to get UNSTUCK from your current income + lifestyle level, and finally focus on the work you want to do.

I’ll be taking you behind the scenes in my own business to show you a simple and clear path to creating a business that you love, without sacrificing ridiculous amounts of your time on stuff that has no meaning for you.

I like having a life! So putting in endless hours and doing work I don’t like, is not the way I do business.

Here’s What’s Going Down Over the Next 30 Days to Help You Unleash Your Creativity and Bust Through the Busy Work that’s Blocking Your Money Flow!

Over the course of an 30 INTENSIVE DAYS I’m going to show you step-by-step how to uplevel your business and your income, and map out the blueprint for the life you truly want to live!

**Over the course of 30 intensive days we will cover powerful strategies that will address the ‘practicalities’ of what you need to do and how to do it, but you’ll also be TAKING ACTION DAILY to move you closer your dream income + lifestyle goals.

**Each day you’ll receive a take action assignment from me where I’ll tell you exactly what to do so there’s no excuses for why you’re not working.

**Each day you’ll receive either video or audio training from me where I’ll be taking you behind the scenes of my own business to show you how I’m creating and making money. You’ll see real life examples and income stats associated with various things I’ll be teaching you.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Week 1:

  • CLARITY about why you never have time to do the work you want to do, or create the things you want to create.
  • Seeing how much time you really have to do your dream work and why you haven’t been doing it.
  • Identify your productivity killers so that you understand WHY you spend so much time in front of the computer being “busy”.
  • What really opens up the CASH FLOW for your business so you can call in more of it on repeat.
  • The RIGHT way to give yourself a vacation so there’s no more faffing around saying ‘one day’ and avoiding your own lifestyle dreams.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Week 1:

7 Training Videos:

  • Video 1: Productivity Tracker (4:47 minutes)
  • Video 2: Track + Reach Your Reach Your Yearly Income (13:02 minutes)
  • Video 3: Productivity Crusher (6:37 minutes)
  • Video 4: Income Growth (6:47 minutes)
  • Video 5: Priority Planner (7:16 minutes)
  • Video 6: Distraction Action (7:37 minutes)
  • Video 7: Live Your Dream Life (2:40 minutes)

Templates + Tools:

  • Millionaire Entrepreneur Timesheet
  • Time Calculator 
  • Distractions Journal
  • Income Growth Spreadsheet
  • Priority Planner
  • Distraction Action Plan
  • Dream Life Calendar

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Week 2:

  • How to create a weekly plan that PRIORITIZES your money making tasks and creativity, and puts everything else second (including client work).
  • Coming up with ideas that will help you churn out content consistently.
  • How racing the clock motivates you to get your content created faster.
  • How to create a consistent content promotion practice.
  • How to DOUBLE (even triple) the number of projects you can create while shaving days off your schedule.
  • The fastest and most effective way to funnel hundreds, even thousands of new leads onto your list every month.
  • How indulging in your own needs helps you access your inner hustle to make your dreams come true.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Week 2:

7 Training Videos:

  • Video 1: Weekly Hustle Planner (8:41 minutes)
  • Video 2: Content Planner (8:47 minutes)
  • Video 3: Rapid Content Creation (6:44 minutes)
  • Video 4: Content Promotion Strategy (25:24 minutes)
  • Video 5: The Ultimate Content Technique (20:37 minutes)
  • Video 6: Melissa’s Being Selfish (10:58 minutes)
  • Video 7: Rapid List Growth (19:44 minutes)

Templates + Tools:

  • Weekly Hustle Planner
  • Your Ideas File
  • 50 Blog Posts Ideas Sheet
  • Blog Post Planner Template
  • Content Promotion Calendars
  • Self-Care Calendar

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Week 3:

  • How to create a consistent and completely AUTOMATED income stream by freely sharing your work.
  • How to create Facebook ads that drive 5-figure RESULTS and how they’re completely within the realms of what is normal and available to all of us.
  • The super simple strategy I use for coming up with ideas that sell.
  • How to quickly and easily create your entire product using my own unique 5-part hustle planner + template.
  • How to step into a FASTER pace of writing sales page copy that SELLS when you unleash my breaking-all-the-rules process.
  • Lock down your product funnel blueprint that you can use on repeat to make money even when you’re not selling.
  • How to map out your high impact product launch playbook that keeps you taking immediate action.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Week 3:

7 Training Videos:

  • Video 1: Freebie Income Funnel (34:19 minutes)
  • Video 2: 5-Figure Facebook Advertising (35:47 minutes)
  • Video 3: Sizzling Product Planner (7:56 minutes)
  • Video 4: Product Creation Formula (6:78 minutes)
  • Video 5: Sales Page Success (13:44 minutes)
  • Video 6: Product Launch Money Funnel (13:51 minutes)
  • Video 7: Product Launch Planner (12:16 minutes)

Templates + Tools:

  • Freebie Income Funnel Planner
  • 5 Followup Email Templates
  • Facebook Ad Template
  • Product Ideas Worksheet
  • 5-Part Hustle Planner
  • Content Outline Template
  • 100 Sales Copy Headlines Swipe File
  • Sales Page Copy Checklist
  • Product Funnel Offer Plan Template
  • Product Launch Planning Calendar

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Week 4:

  • The truth about how traditional product launches have been standing between you and your money.
  • How to take IMMEDIATE action and bust out of your “no-sell” comfort zone to make money from your work.
  • Understanding why carving “time out” gets you in a high level routine of action that keeps you hustling and creating.
  • How to create an ADDITIONAL 6-figure income stream using a simple upleveling process that your clients will thank you for.
  • How to use the most powerful tool in marketing DAILY even though the “experts” will tell you not to.
  • Knowing when it’s better to make money off of someone else’s hard work and how to turn it into a hands-free income stream.
  • Dealing with a leaky website and how to plug those leaks with SALES and leads.
  • How to be selfish and say NO to all the stupid stuff you don’t want to do (so you can fuel the hustle and be creative instead)

Here’s What You’ll Get in Week 4:

6 Training Videos:

  • Video 1: 6-Figure VIP Programs (28:05 minutes)
  • Video 2: Email Marketing Results (21:52 minutes)
  • Video 3: Email Marketing Calendar (13:25 minutes)
  • Video 4: Free Money Honey (24:05 minutes)
  • Video 5: Hands-Free Income Stream (5:32 minutes)
  • Video 6: Tweak Your Income (11:53 minutes)

3 Audio Trainings:

  • Audio 1: Rapid Product Launch (16:42 minutes)
  • Audio 2: Melissa’s Time Out (13:47 minutes)
  • Audio 3: Fuel the Hustle (8:30 minutes)

Templates + Tools:

  • Time Off Planning Calendar
  • VIP Day Content Planner
  • Promotion Planning Template for Email
  • Email Marketing Calendar Spreadsheet

Thanks so much for all you do. I will tell you that this 30-day program has been one of the ONLY programs where I have faithfully gone straight to the day and done the assignments! As a marketing consultant, I’m impressed by how neatly each of these were put together and how it naturally flows. Just wanted to say, well done…and thanks for keeping me motivated during such a busy time of the year!

Catherine Campbell,

Get INSTANT ACCESS to ALL the Training Videos, Audios, Tools, and Templates for Only $197!

*Due to the nature of this product, your purchase is non-refundable!

What Will You Get Out of This Workshop?

This is a hands-on workshop that you can complete at your own pace!

You’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to ALL 30 days of training videos, audios, tools, and templates – so you can get started immediately!

But you have to be willing to do the work if you want the results, so this is your opportunity to finally do what you’ve never gotten around to doing before now.

If you’re ready to rock your business, you need to peel back the layers and rebuild your business from the ground up. No, I don’t mean starting over. You just need to go back and put in the missing pieces, the ones you’ve been skimming over or ignoring.

You will be able to work through each day’s lesson and assignment, and actually DO what you’ve been meaning to get around to doing but never have.

You will know exactly what you want out of your business, and what you really want your life to look like going forward.

You will have an actual plan in place to help you accomplish your goals, whether you want to create new products, programs, services, write books, whatever it is, and you’ll also have the tools to track them and celebrate  them.

You’ll also do a major de-cluttering of your business, so you can clear space for new and exciting opportunities to come in.You’ll know exactly where to focus your time, what you need to outsource, what things can be automated, and what you kick to the curb.

You’ll be laying the foundation for a successful and profitable business, as long as you put in the work. When you do the work, amazing things start to happen, and you’ll free up more and more of your time, and every day you’ll move towards your dream lifestyle.

Get INSTANT ACCESS to ALL the Training Videos, Audios, Tools, and Templates for Only $197!

*Due to the nature of this product, your purchase is non-refundable!

Who is This Workshop for?

This workshop is for women who are sick and tired of settling for a business that’s “doing okay”.

It’s for the woman who’s not afraid to put in the work required to lay a solid business foundation. Because it will take work and time. It’s not an overnight process. But every step WILL get you closer to your time freedom dream, I can promise you that.

If you’re finally ready to get your crap together, and stop whining about it, this workshop is for you.

But…I’m not here to soothe your worries, or tell you what to do, or do the work for you.

I’m also not interested in working with anyone who has a negative attitude and always flakes out and make excuses about why they can’t do something.

You don’t get successful sitting on your hands and whining about your life. You roll up your sleeves and you do whatever it takes to make it happen. I sure as hell didn’t go from being a single mom on welfare to being a successful business woman by doing nothing.

Listen, you can sit on your ass and eat bon bons later, but now, it’s time to get to work so you CAN be lazy and work when you want, wherever you want, and have the life you really want to be living. But it all starts here…

If you’re not turned off by my kick ass approach (and you don’t mind if I let a swear word or two slip out now and again), and you’re ready to do the work to get results, you’re my kind of woman and I want you in my workshop!

So let’s get going, shall we?

Get INSTANT ACCESS to ALL the Training Videos, Audios, Tools, and Templates for Only $197!

*Due to the nature of this product, your purchase is non-refundable!