Goddess Boss Academy

For creative women entrepreneurs who are tired of giving up their sacred creation time to attend to the boring duties of running a business.

You’ll Receive an Entire Library of Project Kits Filled with Templates + Checklists + To-Do’s for a Specific Marketing Channel – from Social Media to Book Launches – All in One Neat Package Ready to be Customized and Sent Off to Your Assistant!

You don’t have to do everything in your business by yourself. It’s time for you to release the hold you have on the little things (email, tech stuff, and even housework), and allow yourself to be nurtured by others so you can pursue your heart’s calling. 

Workbook: How to Organize Your Day Like a Boss!

Whether you already consider yourself an avid planner or know you need to brush up on the skill, this workbook shows you how to organize your day to achieve maximum results in your business.

Use this step-by-step workbook alone or with your team to create a plan for how to increase your productivity, and nailing down the tasks that you need to focus on to increase revenue and grow your business.



Workbook: How to Plan + Structure Your Product Releases Like a Boss

You can definitely follow your flow and just create and release products on the fly – I do at times.

BUT…the downside to that approach is that it really puts the pressure on, and often leads to procrastination. It can also get in the way of freedom and flexibility in your schedule, because you’ll always be scrambling to create something to keep the cash coming in. And who wants to be doing that while travelling?

Use this step-by-step workbook alone or with your team to decide what types of products you want to create and how they’ll fit into your desired lifestyle and business schedule. And then determine the number of products you’ll release, the purpose and outline of each product, and a plan to follow to release your products on schedule.

Workbook: How to Create Emergency Documentation Like a Boss!


Life happens, so you don’t want to be left unprepared. So the purpose of this workbook is to guide you and your team through the process of preparing and planning for an emergency situation that would potentially leave you unavailable to run your business.

Use this step-by-step workbook to create a clear action plan that includes everything your loved ones will need to step in and take care of your business if you get sick, need unexpected surgery, or pass away. And then rest easy, knowing everything will be taken care of.