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Time Freedom Business

Q: I want to start a blog, newsletter and website to sell products. However I do not know who to trust to do a good job and not rip me off.  – Yvonne

A: This is a great question Yvonne! Especially when you’re first beginning to outsource in your business, it can be tricky trying to decipher between who will do a good job and who you can trust with your business tasks.

It’s very common to be concerned and I could easily tell you that you just have to jump in and get your feet wet, but that’s just not my style. Besides that, I know what it’s like to have projects not completed and to lose money, so instead here are some tips that I suggest to anyone who is outsourcing business tasks for the first (or any) time.

Ask others for recommendations.

Find someone you trust what services or assistants they use and recommend or who, from there experience, you should steer clear of.

Request references and look for testimonials of past work.

Don’t just assume that the testimonials on their site are enough. Yes they make a difference but remember it’s the contractor’s site and they have control over what gets posted there.

Don’t base your decision on price alone.

Depending on the tasks and skill level you need, cost will play a factor, but don’t automatically go with the person who offers the lowest rate. On the flipside, don’t always assume a higher rate means better quality work, either.

Don’t shy away from teaching someone the ropes.

Just because someone is new to the scene of Internet marketing assistance, doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of completing certain tasks. There is something to be said about training an assistant who is willing to learn. This is also a good way to keep the costs lower if that’s a concern.

Test the waters.

Once you’ve found someone you think may be a good fit, give them a small project to determine how you’ll work together, their skill level, and the flow of things.

Further Information & Resources

As for outsourcing the website part of your business, there are lots of web designers out there who vary in skill level and cost. Your website is the basis for your online business, so if you have trouble finding someone you can afford and trust, you can always learn and try designing and maintaining your WordPress site yourself.

If the content portion of your business is starting to take up all your time, try using Private Label Rights Content to short-cut the process. You can use it in a wide variety of ways – for your blog, newsletter, reports, info products, and more, all without taking you away from the other important parts of your business.

If you want me to answer your outsourcing question on my blog, send me your question here and I may feature you on an upcoming blog post 🙂