Use this FREE Online Calculator to figure out how much your hourly rate needs to be to meet your time & financial freedom goals.


When you know what your hourly rate is, you'll know:

  • How Much to Charge Your Clients and How Many to Work With – so you don’t undercharge or take on too much work.
  • Whether You Can Afford to Outsource & Hire an Assistant – if your hourly rate is much higher than what it costs to pay an assistant to do the tasks you don’t like to do, then outsource them for cheaper than what it would cost to do them yourself!
  • How Much Vacation Time You Can Take While Still Meeting Your Financial Goals – so you don’t burn yourself out working all the time.
  • How Many Days a Week You’ll Need to Work – so you’re making time for the important things, like having fun and hanging out with family.
  • How Many Hours a Day You’ll Need to Work – so you’re not pulling crazy 12 hour days that frustrate your family and effect your health and well being.

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