Are You Doing Busy Work instead of Making Money?

Grab my list of 100 biz + marketing tasks you can start outsourcing today!

Too Busy Doing Admin Stuff to Do Your Meaningful Work?

I know you want to amp up your productivity and do more of the work you love, so why haven’t you taken action yet?

Now I don’t know about you, but doing paperwork, admin stuff, and cleaning are NOT meaningful to me. Sure, it has to get done, but I don’t have to be the one to do it.

I never would have been able to create the business + life of my dreams working on $15/hr tasks that kept me spinning my wheels. Instead, in 2006 I hired my first virtual assistant and took the first step towards letting go of all the things that were not getting me closer to my goals.

It’s time to open your eyes, and really look at what you’re doing in your business. Are you spending time EVERY DAY doing the work that is meaningful to you? Or are you staying busy with the little stuff that is keeping you stuck at your current income + lifestyle level? 

Seriously, it’s time to LET GO of everything that is holding you back from doing the work you’re meant to be doing!

But if shuffling papers, prettying up documents, answering the same emails over and over again, and scrubbing toilets truly lights you up – then by all means, keep doing them.

But if you’re sick and tired of NOT doing the work you know you’re meant to be doing, and you’re ready to stop spending all your time working on tasks that are so boring you literally have to peel your eyelids open to stay awake – then it’s time to start outsourcing like a BOSS!  

I’ve created my Freedom Builder Academy to help you do just that.

If you don’t start ruthlessly delegating everything that is not helping you get the income + lifestyle you want, then you’re going to spend another year stuck, bored, and dying inside from not doing the work that is meaningful to you!

And I know that’s not what you really want for yourself and your family.

So gorgeous, you’re going to have to decide to do something about it.

And I can help you.

The Freedom Builder Academy is a program that is filled with templates + tools + training designed to help you outsource quickly and easily, starting today!

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Here’s what some of my Academy members are saying:


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