Are You Doing Busy Work instead of Making Money?

Grab my list of 100 biz + marketing tasks you can start outsourcing today!

This 1 simple thing will prevent your team from wasting time + money

Would you keep outsourcing if you didn’t feel like you were in control of the time + money your team was spending on your business?

Of course not!

Arm yourself with this 1 simple thing and you’ll no longer be in the dark (and feeling out of control) about what’s going on in your business:

Want My Personal List of the People I Hire to Help Me in My Business?

Click Here to Get Access to My HUGE list of Fabulous Service Contractors

This list currently has 86 leads, including 14 of my own peeps – and 72 others that I’ve starred for my own personal reference. So if I need a copywriter, a designer, a tech person, whoever – THIS is the list I refer to.

If you’re ready to stop working IN your business and starting working ON it, your next step is to find and hire the support you need to rock your biz.

You can hit up Google and see if you can find someone. I’ve done it, and I even show you how to do a cold search here. But because it can suck up a lot of your time, I don’t really recommend it unless you have time to burn.

Especially since I’ve already done all the hard work for you 😉

For more than a year, I’ve been building a fresh list of fab contractors that I’ve either come across on my own, or that have been recommended to me via my private, high-level masterminds groups.

THIS is the list I refer to if I need a copywriter, assistant, tech person, designer,book editor – whoever!

Click Here to Get Access to My HUGE list of Fabulous Service Contractors


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