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Busy in Business Isn’t Cute – It’s Costly!

Hey gorgeous,

One thing’s for sure: You’re here because you’ve felt the sting of burn out.

The business you once felt insatiably passionate about now feels like it’s sucking you dry.

You’re constantly doing more and more and more just to try to keep up.

For example, on an average day, you might be:

Up in Canva for hours scrambling to create eye-catching slides for your next webinar (even though you’re far from a graphic designer–and the webinar is in approximately 12 hours)

Chasing down past due payments, sweating over setting up new systems & programs (ugh, ClickFunnels what?!) and dealing with issues with your website (again)

Popping open Planoly 100 times to write + rewrite a few Instagram captions only to give up altogether when you get to the hashtags because it’s #confusing

Not to mention, doing all of this on top of delivering client work & doing the thing your wonderful clients actually pay you for.

It’s a lot.

And yet? You still don’t feel like you’ve made the progress you thought you would.

Weren’t you supposed to be raking in 6-figures while rocking a cute one-piece on an exotic island somewhere by now…or at least be able to peel yourself away from your laptop to do the afternoon pick-up without major guilt vibes?

The answer is YES.

Secretly hoping your clients will cancel calls (or even pull out of their contracts!) so you can take a freakin’ breath

Saying yes to new clients and “opportunities” when you know you shouldn’t because you don’t have the bandwidth (and then feeling like a total jerk when you have to bow out or can’t deliver at the calibre you want to)

Watching your passion slooooowly fade & your “fierce work ethic” mysteriously vanish (like, who is this woman who misses deadlines, reschedules client calls and ghost leads?)

Working with 10-20+ clients at time and literally wanting to cry every time you open your laptop (or check your email, which is all.the.time.)

Staying up way past bedtime & missing quality time with your kids, your partner and your satin pillowcase

Constantly wondering if this is all there is. Is THIS really as good as it gets? (And if so, is it even worth it?)

Oh, let’s not even talk about how super jealous you feel when you see other women entrepreneurs who are seemingly swimming in money (sometimes literally – we’ve all seen those brand photos!), while also somehow finding time to put on makeup, effortlessly make $10k-$20k per month & post about their undying love for their business and clients on social media at least 2x a day.

If you’re thinking, “Umm, that literally sounds terrible” and also, “But it’s so me!”…you’re in the right place.

Look: Running Your Business Shouldn’t Feel Like an Annoying Chore at Best – or a Death Wish at Worst…

I get it: You still love what you do. (You think).

But the reality is, you’re doing way too little of what you love – and way too much of everything else.

From showing up for client calls (or churning out client deliverables)…

…to invoicing and bookkeeping and managing your (insane) inbox…

…to crafting fresh social media content for Facebook, IG and LinkedIn, every single day…

You’re not just the face of your business, you ARE your business.

You’re doing things that don’t ultimately matter to your bottom line, but still need to get done to keep things moving.

And the struggle is very real.

You try to shake it off – but the feeling persists: You can’t go on like this.

The good news? You don’t have to.

I’ve been outsourcing in my business since 2006 and it’s the #1 thing I recommend to women entrepreneurs who want to hit six figures (or WAY beyond) in sales.

Outsourcing – When Done Right – Completely Changes the Game! Just Imagine….

Having highly-qualified people in your corner you wholeheartedly trust to deliver what they say they will, when they say they will

Wrapping up your work days (and weeks) whenever you want to take time away from your laptop to do things you love with people you love–without worrying about work

Getting more done in one day than you used to in a week–so you finally have extra time to take care of number one (that’s you!)

Finally having the support you need to set up passive income streams (like that one course/membership/training you’ve been dreaming about–and “jamming on” with your mastermind sisters for 6+ months)

Freedom to make decisions about your day–like taking impromptu days (or long weekends) off or “playing hooky” without guilt to grab a decadent caffeinated treat (sans laptop!)

Loving your work again and waking up stoked to dive into your day (because it’s brimming with only the stuff that lights you up & gives you major feel-good vibes)

And perhaps most importantly: Charging & making more, working less and having happier clients–without you doing all the work!

Sound incredible? It’s all possible when you learn this one key skill.

Here’s the Deal: Trying to Do it All Yourself (and More of It) Isn’t the Way to Scale–It’s A Straight Shot to Burnout!

If you feel like you can’t take on even one more client without a breakdown, it’s time you had a breakthrough, friend.

The harsh truth is that if you continue trying to manage every single facet of your business (I get it–it’s a shiny diamond, but STILL) it’s going to be nearly impossible to scale your business or create the freedom-based lifestyle you dreamt about when you first hung up your virtual shingle.

This probably isn’t news to you. Most women entrepreneurs have heard that outsourcing is the “secret” to long-term, sustainable success.

(We all have that one entrepreneurial friend who has a killer, supportive team behind her & looks like a total #productivityqueen as a result, right?)

The part that might be news for you is that it’s possible for you–yes, YOU–to build a stellar, supportive team, too.

…Even if you’ve never managed anyone in your life.
…Even if you “don’t have time for it” or worry nobody else can “do things right.”
…Even if you have no clue where to start. (I got you).

Introducing…How to Outsource Your Way to a 6-Figure Business

This high-value, on-demand course is specifically for women entrepreneurs ready to start outsourcing so they can grow their business to the 6-figure mark, fast.

With 4 value-packed lessons, this remarkable course will teach you exactly what you need to do to find, hire, manage (and even fire!) your first team members–so you can make more money while also getting your life (and passion) back.

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn:

Module 1: Delegation Prep Work

  • The MOST important outsourcing step most entrepreneurs skip (follow their lead & it’ll cost you crazy amounts of time, money and energy!)
  • A behind-the-scenes look at my ENTIRE project prep process so you can set your business & team up for success BEFORE you even start
  • Exactly how to plan & organize every project you outsource so it’s profitable and super easy-to-execute
  • How to keep your new team member busy with the right work every month so that YOUR business grows–and profits And so much more!

Module 2: Finding + Hiring Your Rock Star Team Member

  • How to choose the perfect person for each project & task (you get this wrong & outsourcing becomes a total waste of time and money!)
  • The exact steps you NEED to take before you even THINK about scheduling an interview with a potential hire
  • A behind-the-scenes breakdown of my ENTIRE interview process–plus the RED FLAGS to watch out for so you don’t get sucked into a bad hire!
  • The MOST important thing to say at the end of your interview (I’ve got a word-for-word script for this!)
  • And so much more!

Module 3: Team Onboarding + Training

  • The STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS for successfully onboarding your new team members, including exactly what to do, what you need to have in place & which tools to use
  • The “training secrets” you need to know to onboard your new team member so you see immediate success and RESULTS
  • How to assign your new team member’s first project so they feel confident & crush it from the get-go (and you don’t get in over your head!)
  • The “sneaky signs” of a bad hire to keep an eye out for during their first 30 days (if you notice any of these, you need to cut the cord–and I’ll walk you through it all!)
  • How to hold your team accountable like a boss, so deadlines are met with ease (and without you holding everybody’s hand along the whole way & making MORE work for yourself!)
  • How to develop a ROCK-SOLID SYSTEM & dependable processes that keep your business humming along–with or without you!
  • And so much more!
Melissa, I’m going through this course and I’m at the lesson about onboarding a new team member – and I have to say this training is so awesome! I have NEVER approached team building like this. It’s been almost five years since I had team members and I kind of randomly brought them on and got lucky with that. I like your strategic approach, A LOT, and I’m so glad I bought this training before I tried again.

Angela Wills,

Module 4: Doing it All Like a Boss

  • The keys to getting the highest ROI from ANY team member
  • EXACTLY how to handle a team member who isn’t living up to expectations or doing a “bad job” (without hurting your business–or relationship!)
  • The exact PROCESS I use to fire a team member (you don’t want to mess this up!)
  • The KEY differences between tasks that make you MONEY–and those that just waste your time and hard-earned cashola
  • How to keep your expenses low while continuing to hire and make a (freakin’ awesome) profit
  • Exactly how to know when it’s time to bring on additional help (so you don’t do this a moment too soon–or too late!)
  • And so much more!

The Reality Is Outsourcing is the ONLY Way to Create a Sustainable 6-Figure Business!

Unfortunately, outsourcing isn’t a snap-your-fingers-and-it’s-done kinda deal.

There’s a definite learning curve for business owners who are letting others “behind the curtains” of their business for the first time.

The How to Outsource Your Way to a 6-Figure Business course was designed to shorten that curve exponentially.

If you want to make incredible, life-changing money & generously (and excitedly) serve more people from around the globe with your natural gifts and talents, while also having TRUE freedom to live your best life without guilt–THIS is the course for you.

Get ready to change patterns, give up control (and the fear that nobody else can do it quite like you–they can’t, but they can do it like them and I promise that’s even better) and finally move into the role of CEO, while also making more money than you thought possible.

I’ll show you how.

And as a Special Bonus You’ll Also Get Exclusive Private Access to My Own Personal List of Service Contractors!

Access My Private List of 100+ High-End Service Contractors – My private list of service contractors has 100+ listings, including my own peeps and the others I have starred for my own personal reference. So if I need a copywriter, a designer, a tech person, whoever – THIS is the list I refer to and hire from.

Access to the Contractors I Personally Hire + Outsource My Business Tasks to – I’m also sharing a list of people that I’ve personally hired and work with.

Access to Contractors in a Wide Variety of Fields Including – Business Managers, Virtual Assistants, Copywriters, Editors, Ghostwriters, Book Experts, Website Design, Graphics, Event Services, PR, Tech & Development, and so much more!

Before I bought Melissa’s outsourcing course, I was juggling all the things and doing it alone. I really wanted to be able to get a clear vision of what I needed so I could let go, hire and trust. And when I heard about this course, I was afraid it would just be more fluff and that it wouldn’t really help me. But then, after going through this course, I hired a VA and I now do less of the admin work in my business and more of the money work. It really works! And I know that if I hadn’t of found this course, I would still be doing all the things…haha!

Natalie Blais,

I was overwhelmed and confused about how to be more effective in my business. I knew that I wanted to start having others help me to support my clients with their social media. But I didn’t know where to start or where to look for information that was up-to-date and useful. And then I heard about Melissa’s outsourcing course, but I was worried it would be waste of time and money. Thank goodness I bought it anyway! Because after going through her course, I realized that outsourcing worked when l went to finish a project and follow up on it and realized that it was completed with excellence and ready to send to my client. My day days are now much less stressful. I feel like I don’t have to take my work with me everywhere I go. I don’t have that the constant pressure of “what have I not done” looming in my mind all the time. Without this course, I would still be overworked and not getting things done and not meeting deadlines.

LaTania Smith,

When I heard about Melissa’s outsourcing course, I was overwhelmed with too much work, and had no system in place. But I was worried about spending money, finding quality support, and having enough time to train someone. I was also convinced that hiring help would just be a huge waste of time and money, and that I wouldn’t be a good communicator or good leader. And I was afraid that this course would just be another fluff product with no real solution. Boy was I wrong! Because after going through the course, I realized that what I learned was working the day I hired someone to set up my Dubsado workflow. I feel like I have my CEO pants on. Haha. I just know that if I had of passed over Melissa’s course, I would still be stuck in the same place mentally and financially as 2018. It’s time to grow.

Mimi Davis,

Get Access to all the Training Videos for Only $197!

Who is this program for?

You need this if…

* It’s midnight and you’re still working.
* You haven’t taken a real vacation in years.
* You always feel guilty because you work too much.
* You’re burnt out and ready to throw in the towel.
* You’re tired of missing out on all the fun stuff.
* You’re sick of sacrificing your health.
* You want to stop doing work you don’t like doing

But it’s also for the business owner who’s not afraid to put in the work required to lay a solid business foundation. Because it will take work and time.

Outsourcing is not an overnight process. But every step WILL get you closer to your time freedom dream, I can promise you that.

Listen, you can binge on Netflix and chill later, but for now, it’s time to get to work so you CAN be lazy and work when you want, wherever you want, and have the life you really want to be living.

And it all starts here.

So let’s get going, shall we?

Get Access to all the Training Videos for Only $197!