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Ready to Use Instagram to Attract More Clients, Land More Sales, and Share Your Message with a Larger Audience?

Grab the “Instagram Impact” Marketing Kit to Get Started Now!

This kit includes:

A step-by-step marketing plan to guide you through the practical actions you need to take to get things done and working for you.

Planning templates and checklists to help you put all the pieces together strategically and successfully for your business.

Ideas, prompts, and graphics to make your content creation quick and easy.

Nobody’s Born an Instagram Influencer

You know without a doubt that you do work that can legitimately transform others’ lives.

You also know your work is not reaching nearly enough people. (In fact, you’re barely scratching the surface of the impact you want to make.)

And you also know that Instagram is ripe with opportunity for people like you with meaningful messages that need to reach the masses.

But let’s be honest: Instagram might seem like a totally different ball game than Facebook or blogging or whatever it is you’re currently doing to market your business.

You know it’s a highly visual platform packed with it owns features, and little-known hacks. (Like what even are hashtags?)

But the truth is, it’s not as complicated as you might think.

Instagram is a social media platform just like any other social media platform, which means that while it has its’ own unique nuances–it’s still a skill you can learn.

Just think about it: Instagram gives you FREE access to billions of users. And thanks to its multiple features, it also gives you the ability to build your know, like and trust factor faster than on almost any other platform.

And guess what? When people know, like and trust you and your brand, they buy from you.

Don’t you think that’s worth the time & effort? (I’m gonna guess you’re shaking your head yes!)

Well, if you truly have the desire to start using Instagram for your business, good news:

The “Instagram Impact” Plan & Templates Will Guide You Through the Entire Process

YES, you can use this project kit even if right now…

  • You’re not a “selfie” person.
  • You don’t know a thing about writing enticing captions that get people excited about your work.
  • You’re already on the ‘Gram and have near-nightly breakdowns over what to post .

And even if the only “Instagram presence” you have is inside Planoly or Later (which you barely know how to use).

Because whether you don’t know where to start or you’re unsure where to go next, either way, I’ve got you.

The Step-by-Step Plan Covers:

  • Getting Started
    • Marketing Strategy Overview
    • Timeline & Budget
  • Section One: Understanding Your Instagram Goal
    • The 11 Instagram Goals
    • Creating a Brand Style Guide
    • Brand Statement Research
    • The 5 Must-Have Brand Elements
    • Brand Story Development
    • Top Influencer Research
  • Section 2: ‘Must-have’ Instagram Tools
    • Next Level Photo Editing
    • Engaging Grid Design Development
    • Story Management & Feed Theme Creation
    • Scheduling Instagram Posts
  • Section 3: Create Your Instagram Plan
    • Create Captions that Convert
    • Maximizing Your Single Bio Link
    • Hashtag Strategy (and avoid the dreaded “shadow-banning”)
    • Using Instagram Stories & 4 Ways to Spice them Up
    • Four Highly Effective Strategies to Grow Your Instagram Following

This Kit Also Includes All of this:

Planning Templates

  • Instagram Goal Setting Worksheet
  • Instagram Story Planner
  • Instagram Story Highlights Planner
  • Instagram Photo Grid Layout Planner
  • Instagram Hashtag Research Planner
  • Instagram Influencer Connection Planner
  • Favorite Quotes Collection
  • Instagram Posting Schedule
  • Business Brand Style Guide Template
  • Instagram Photo Editing & Branding Style Guide

Task Tracking Calendar

This calendar is such a simple, but powerful tool with task reminders to help you (or your assistant) stay on schedule, and meet your deadlines. Print off a copy to keep on your desk, or add the tasks to your project management system.

Ideas, Prompts, and Graphics

  • 80 Reel Ideas
  • 50 Content Prompts for Posts
  • 40+ Call-to-Action Captions
  • 8 Instagram Giveaway Ideas
  • 40 Instagram Post Templates (Canva)

Checklists to Help You Stay on Track:

  • Instagram Research Checklist
  • Instagram Analytics Checklist
  • Instagram Topics Checklist
  • Instagram Story Management Checklist
  • Instagram Graphics Checklist

Monthly Results Report

This is a fill-in-the-blank report that you (or your assistant) can fill in at the end of every month. It will give you a snapshot of your business after the new marketing plan has been implemented, including results, unexpected hurdles, and what to do differently next time.

Here’s a Peek at Everything inside the Kit:

Your Step-by-Step Instagram Marketing Plan


Your Printable Planning Templates & Checklists


80 Reel Ideas


50 Compelling Content Prompts for Posts


40+ Call-to-Action Captions


8 Instagram Giveaway Ideas


40 Instagram Post Templates (Canva)

Just open the template in your free canva account, change the colors and text, add your images, and post on IG.

Don’t sleep on the power of Instagram for another month (or year)! It’s time to work the world’s favorite visual platform to attract clients and make sales.

Download the Plan & Templates for Only $127!


Can I Give this Kit to My Assistant?

Can I Give this Kit to My Assistant?

Yes. You have permission to give this kit to your assistant and other team members to work on your business projects for you.

I’m Not Ready to Hire an Assistant - Can I Still Use this kit?

I’m Not Ready to Hire an Assistant – Can I Still Use this kit?

Absolutely! You can use this for your own personal use to help you fast-track a business project or task. You’ll save so much time + energy by using all the items in the kit.

By documenting your business marketing and tasks, and building your library of training content now, you’ll be in a much better position when you are ready to hire an assistant.

I’m a Virtual Assistant - Can I Use this Kit to Help My Clients?

I’m a Virtual Assistant – Can I Use this Kit to Help My Clients?

Yes. You have permission to use this kit to help you work on a project for your client. In fact, your clients will be impressed that you have all these amazing tools on hand to assist them with their business projects.

Using this kit will make your job so much easier + a lot more fun when you don’t have to create things from scratch (like writing all those autoresponder emails or creating a telesummit speaker kit).

Plus, this kit has the added benefit of teaching of YOU how to do something – which means, you can turn around and offer it as a new service to your clients.

Is this Private Label Rights Content (PLR)?

Is this Private Label Rights Content (PLR)?

NO. You do NOT have permission to resell this kit in any way to your customers or clients.

You can NOT give this kit away for free.

This kit is intended for internal use within your own business.

What are the Terms of Use on This Kit?

What are the “Terms of Use” for This Kit?

This kit is intended for personal business use only:


  • Use the toolkit yourself in your business.
  • Give it to your virtual assistant and other team members to work on your business projects.
  • Use the toolkit to provide services to your own paid clients.


  • Resell this kit in any way to your customers, clients, or members as this is not PLR.
  • Give this kit away for free.

If you have questions about these terms of use, please contact my team and ask.

Download the Plan & Templates for Only $127!