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Do You Want to Start a Podcast for Your Business but Could Use a Little Help?

Grab the Podcasting Plan & Templates on this Page to Get Started Now!

As a purpose-driven entrepreneur, you have a message you’re thirsty to share.

You also need to make money from your message.

So–like any savvy modern-day business owner–you’ve toyed with the idea of creating your own podcast.

I mean, is there any better platform for doing both?

(Spoiler alert: There isn’t.)

But there IS an itty-bitty problem:

You don’t actually know how to create the podcast of your wildest, most profitable and meaningful dreams.

Sure, it sounds simple enough in theory…
Get mic.
Record episodes.
Make money.
Ca-ching, badda bing!

Umm, unfortunately…

Creating a powerful podcast that connects with clients on a soul-level and converts them into paying customers (eventually) isn’t just about grabbing a mic, flipping it on and recording an episode or five, uploading ‘em all to iTunes with a wink and a smile and watching the Stripe notifications roll in on your phone.

Yeah, no.

The actual nuts & bolts of creating a successful, soul-aligned podcast aren’t quite so intuitive.

Tell me, does any of this sound familiar?

You see others posting on social about how their podcast just hit 100k downloads or that they just landed 3 new clients from one ep and you wonder, “But how?”

You want to grow your expose (and eventually your bank balance) but you also want to make sure what you're putting out into the world aligns with your goals, value & mission

You’re not 100% sure what to talk about so your soulmate peeps actually hear you, gain valuable insights and eventually want to buy from you, too

You’re overwhelmed by ALL the tech. From intro jingles to uploading to iTunes/Spotify/what-have-you, you’re swamped with questions (and doubts!)

You’re dumbfounded by the logistics, too: How long should each show/episode be? How often do you need to put out new episodes to keep people interested? And who are you speaking to exactly, again?

You’re not sure how to gain listeners or how people will find your podcast. Do you need a launch? A Facebook ad campaign? A social media extravaganza? Oh, the overwhelm!

If you’re shaking your head because you’ve been there, then you most definitely need to be right here.

The truth is anyone *can* create a podcast. 

At its most basic, all you need is a mic, some audio, a guest–or not!–and the time/energy/money to pay someone to get it up on all the right channels.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to create a podcast that FULFILLS their soul and FILLS their bank account.

Because let’s just say it: When you’re a soul-driven business owner, a podcast is so much more than a podcast.

It’s both a “marketing channel” and a vehicle for human connection that feels deeply satisfying on a soul level, connects with ideal clients (and not just any old randos on the Internet) and–of course–actually puts money in your pocket. #triplethreat

Just Imagine How Different Your Online Business Would Be if You Could:

Confidently share what you care about with an ever-growing audience who consistently feels like you’re “reading their minds” and “giving them exactly what they need to hear”

Easily set up #allthingstech for your podcast without spiraling into overwhelm city and giving up (again)

Book incredible, noteworthy guests who deeply resonate with your audience–and get booked on others’ podcasts and stand out as an impressive, need-to-know guest, too! #winwin

Make a profit directly from your podcast and cash in on your efforts in a variety of ways–all without sacrificing your message or values

Always know what your audience needs to hear to teach their souls via their eardrums (There’s a data-driven, not woo-woo-at-all way to do this!)

Easily produce podcast episodes over & over with a simple, streamlined, repeatable system

Launch your podcast with ease and nab that coveted “new & noteworthy badge” and gain massive exposure basically overnight

If the Above Sounds Like the Dream to End All Dreams, then the Heart-to-Heart Podcasting Kit is SO for You!

This project kit is specifically for heart centered experts who know they want to connect with more people and really want to create an irresistible, fulfilling podcast from catchy intro to #winning wrap up – and make cash from the message on their heart.

It’s time to monetize the message on your heart and put out a podcast that fills your cup–and your Stripe account. 

Get Your Copy of the “Heart-to-Heart Podcasting! How to Authentically Connect with Your Audience & Grow Your Business through the Power of Podcasting!” Project Kit and Start Turning A Profit Through Your Passions!

This Step-by-Step Plan Covers: (.doc format)

  • Getting Started
    • Marketing Strategy Overview
    • Timeline & Budget
  • Section 1: Drop the Pin on Your Aligned Podcast 
    • Step 1: Create a Podcast That Fulfills You
    • Step 2: Dreamy-Vibe Check for Podcasting Success
    • Step 3: Let’s Debunk the Tech Issues & Make This Easy as Pie
    • Step 4: Your Podcast Workflow & Creating Killer Systems 
  • Section 2: Launching with Grace and Simplicity
    • Step 5: Launching Your Show WITHOUT the Madness
    • Step 6: Achieve the New and Noteworthy Badge
    • Step 7: Use Giveaways that Your Audience Easily Gravitates Too
  • Section 3: Magnify Your Revenue with These Monetization Strategies
    • Step 8: Build Your Social Sharing Networks for Increased Exposure
    • Step 9: Leverage Your Exposure with Interviews
    • Step 10: Creating Profitable Ads for Your Podcast
    • Step 11: Build Your Bottom-Line with Patreon
    • Step 12: Cash-in with Affiliates and their Uncapped Earning Potential
    • Step 13: Give Your Audience What They Want (really, really, want)
Goodbye Cubicle, Hello Freedom! How to Grow Your Business, Get Clients, and Make Money so You Can Ditch the 9-5 for Good!
PLUS, You’ll Also Get All These Materials Included Inside this Kit Too!

Templates + Worksheets + Swipe Files + And More!

  • Podcast Project Plan Template
  • Podcast Workflow Template
  • Podcasting Guest Invite Template
  • Podcasting Interview Template
  • Podcasting Show Notes Template
  • Podcasting Sponsorship Template
  • Affiliate Promotion Playbook
  • Email Pitch Template
  • Email to Invite Guests Template
  • Giveaway Mindmap 
  • Ideal Listener Avatar
  • Launch Plan Blueprint
  • Patreon Setup Worksheet
  • Podcast Ad Strategy Worksheet
  • Podcast Logistics Template
  • Podcast Monthly Analysis Tracking Sheet
  • Show Overview Template
  • Show Production Template
  • How to Write A Review Template

Task Tracking Calendar (.doc format)

This calendar is such a simple, but powerful tool with task reminders to help your assistant stay on schedule, and meet your deadlines. She can print off a copy to keep on her desk, or she can add the tasks to her calendar in Basecamp or whatever project management system you use.

Checklists to Help You & Your Virtual Assistant Stay on Track (.doc format)

  • Podcast Tools Checklist
  • Show Submission Checklist
  • Show Submission Guidelines
  • Episode Checklist with Guest
  • Episode Checklist without Guest
  • Podcast Team Checklist
  • Launch Day Checklist 
  • New & Noteworthy Checklist

Monthly Results Report (.pdf format)

This is a fill-in-the-blank report that your assistant can fill in at the end of every month. It will give you a snapshot of your business after the new marketing plan has been implemented, what your assistant worked on, and what else she can do to help you clear your plate. She can share achieved results, any unexpected hurdles that came up and and how she handled them, as well as any feedback she has.
Here are a Few Examples of Some of the Items You’ll Get:

Step-by-Step Marketing Plan

You can hand this step-by-step plan to your virtual assistant and she can follow the steps to help you in your business. You can edit and tweak this document with additional information your team may need, or you can even remove anything that doesn’t apply to your business.

You can even record a training video covering each of the steps in this plan that walks your VA through exactly what you need her to do to help you with this project. Then just upload to dropbox and share it with her.

Monthly Results Report

Give this fill-in-the-blank report to your assistant at the completion of your project. It will give you a snapshot of your business after the new marketing plan has been implemented, what your assistant worked on, and what else she can do to help you clear your plate. She can share achieved results, any unexpected hurdles that came up and how she handled them, as well as any feedback she has.

 Task Tracking Calendar

This calendar is such a simple, but powerful tool with task reminders to help your assistant stay on schedule, and meet your deadlines. She can print off a copy to keep on her desk, or she can add the tasks to her calendar in Basecamp or whatever project management system you use.

Podcast Project Plan Template

Use this template to plan your project with confidence.

Podcast Workflow Template

Use this template to create a custom workflow you can use on every podcast episode.

Show Overview Template

Use this template as a reminder to making sure your podcast episodes are always consistent, well-planned and competently executed, maximizing every opportunity for promotion and pleasing listeners.

Show Production Template

Use this template to create an overview of your podcast show that will attract and convert qualified listeners.

Affiliate Promotion Playbook

This guide is your playbook for consistently making the most of affiliate opportunities through your podcast.

Email Pitch Templates

Use this template to write powerful (and short) pitches designed to grab the right potential guest or host’s attention.

Email Pitch Templates Inviting Guest To Share

Use this template to simplify informing your guest that your podcast episode is up and ready for her to share.

Giveaway Mindmap

Use this mindmap to brainstorm your best podcast giveaways. Let’s start with an overview of what you can offer.

Ideal Listener Avatar

 Use this template to define your ideal listener.

Launch Plan Blueprint

 Use this blueprint as a handy reference card and blueprint for your podcast launch.

Patreon Setup Worksheet

Use this worksheet to set up an exclusive patrons-only RSS podcast feed on Patreon.

Podcast Ad Strategy Worksheet

Use this worksheet as an aid to developing a solid advertising strategy to grow your podcast.

Podcast Guest Invite Templates

Use these templates to invite guests to your podcast and to send follow-up emails to those invitees.

Podcasting Interview Template

Use this template to outline your podcast episodes.

Podcasting Show Notes

Use this template to outline and draft engaging show notes copy.

Podcasting Sponsorship Template

Use this template to write compelling email to acquire sponsorships for your podcast.

Podcast Logistics Template

Use this template to gain insight into the logistics of producing a podcast and how they affect the choice of your podcast format.


How to Create a Tutorial for People to Leave A Review

Use this template as a guide to creating your own custom tutorial for listeners, telling them the easiest way to leave your podcast a review.

Podcast Monthly Analysis Tracking Sheet

Use this spreadsheet to track the results of each of your podcast episodes so that you can see what your most popular topics are.

Episode Checklist (with Guest)

Use this checklist checklist to ensure you create the most dynamic interview—one that pleases both your audience and your podcast guest.

Episode Checklist (without Guest)

Use this checklist checklist to ensure each episode is consistent, dynamic, and professional.

Launch Day Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure you are ready for a flawless podcast launch.

New & Noteworthy Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure you give yourself the best chance to make the New and Noteworthy listings.

Podcast Team Checklist

Use this checklist to set up a highly effective podcast team.

Podcast Tools Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure you have all the essential podcasting tools you need.

Show Submission Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure you have followed all the necessary steps for submitting your podcast to platforms and directories.

Show Submission Guidelines

Use this checklist to ensure you don’t miss any important common submission requirements, but always check specific platform guidelines.


Get the Plan & Templates for Only $127!

Anddid you know that if you’re a coach or service provider, you can actually use this kit and get paid by your clients?

You totally can!

If you’re a coach, you can:

1) Use the kit and document your own process along the way. Meaning…make notes about your aha’s, the things that came up for you, any challenges you had, what you did, your results.

2) Create a 1:1 coaching session package or VIP day around the topic of the kit that you can sell to your clients.

3) Print out the kit docs and have your notes in front of you. Then, guide your client through the entire process, step-by-step. You can “teach” them each step, and then work through the questions with them during your session. They’ll walk away from their session with a plan they can take and apply to their business.

4) Don’t want to do live 1:1 sessions? Record a video training for each step, and then at the end of each video, give them their “homework” to work on before moving onto the next step. Then sell the course to your clients. Or post it as new content to your paid group program.

5) Or simply, use the kit during a client’s monthly 1:1 call so you have something to talk about and work on. Especially if your client doesn’t have much to say or report on. So instead of sitting there in awkward silence or cutting a call short – you’ll have something of value to provide to your client.

Now here’s the thing though…you CANNOT sell or giveaway the kit directly, because that’s just for you and your team to use within your business.

BUT…you CAN do all of the things I mentioned above.

If you’re an assistant / business manager / operations manager you can:

You can get on the phone with your client for a strategy session, and use the kit as a guide. You’ll come across as a total expert AND you’ll create an action plan for your client at the same time.

  • Print off the kit docs to have in front of you during your call.
  • Discuss each step in depth using the kit content as a guide.
  • Walk through the questions and exercises with your client, and write their answers right onto the kit pages.
  • Wrap up the call with a plan of action for how you’ll proceed and assist your client in their business.

And hey, if you or your client are not able to, or don’t have time to get on the phone – record all the information, and then send the recording and the list of info you need back from them to proceed.

Seriously…there is nothing more powerful to a biz owner than an assistant who shows initiative. We want people on our team who can take an idea and come back to us with a plan of action for how to get it done!

And I’ve made it super easy for you to do all of that with the project kit on this page…

I’ve loved Melissa since 2009 and everything she puts out is golden. These project kits are complete time savers. If you are a business owner, it has everything you need, a turnkey solution to hand over to your assistant. If you are a VA, you will WOW your client by anticipating their needs and having an organized system ready to go. Love these kits!

Lisa Wells,

Melissa Ingold is a genius! She’s taken all the work out of delegating tasks to your team with her Freedom Finder toolkits.  It’s so easy. You just open it up, answer a few questions and hand off the rest to your virtual assistant. Now an entire part of your business is handled and you’re getting reports and status updates from your team without you having to beg for them. You don’t have to understand how the entire process works and you don’t have to build out the entire process. It’s as turn-key as you can get. You’ll get more accomplished in your business, without working harder, and your assistant will be happier because you’re giving her everything she needs to be successful. It can’t get better than that. 

Deanna Maio,

Get the Plan & Templates for Only $127!

3 Reasons Why You Need this Project Kit…

Grow Your Biz + Make Money

Now your assistant can stop wasting her time and your money working on dead-end tasks that lead you nowhere! These kits give her direction for working on real projects that will actually help you grow your business and your income.

Save Money + Boost Your ROI

Paying your assistant by the hour can really add up, especially if the tasks you assign really aren’t doing anything for your business, and your outsourcing dollars are being wasted on dead-end projects. Using this project kit will shave hours off your invoice because she won’t have to start from scratch – and she’ll be able to easily “rinse + repeat” it whenever you want – no more wasted money on tasks that don’t get results.

Save Time + Avoid Frustration

Your time is crazy valuable,  so why waste it with tons of back-and-forth emails as you try to explain to your assistant exactly what you want done. With this project kit, you don’t even need to know ‘exactly what you want done’, because she’ll have tons of templates and tools that will help her get right to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Give this Kit to My Assistant?

Can I Give this Kit to My Assistant?

Yes. You have permission to give this kit to your assistant and other team members to work on your business projects for you.

I’m Not Ready to Hire an Assistant - Can I Still Use this kit?

I’m Not Ready to Hire an Assistant – Can I Still Use this kit?

Absolutely! You can use this for your own personal use to help you fast-track a business project or task. You’ll save so much time + energy by using all the items in the kit.

By documenting your business marketing and tasks, and building your library of training content now, you’ll be in a much better position when you are ready to hire an assistant.

Are the Documents Editable or Are They Only in PDF?

Are the Documents Editable or Are They Only in PDF?

Some of the documents in this kit are editable, therefore they can be edited by you and your team. For instance, the step-by-step marketing plan is always in .doc format, and so are any email templates.

However, some of the items in the kit may be in PDF format. Generally, the only items that are in PDF format are the items that do not need customizing. For example, a flowchart would be in PDF format.

I’m a Virtual Assistant - Can I Use this Kit to Help My Clients?

I’m a Virtual Assistant – Can I Use this Kit to Help My Clients?

Yes. You have permission to use this kit to help you work on a project for your client. In fact, your clients will be impressed that you have all these amazing tools on hand to assist them with their business projects.

Using this kit will make your job so much easier + a lot more fun when you don’t have to create things from scratch (like writing all those autoresponder emails or creating a telesummit speaker kit).

Plus, this kit has the added benefit of teaching of YOU how to do something – which means, you can turn around and offer it as a new service to your clients.

Is this Private Label Rights Content (PLR)?

Is this Private Label Rights Content (PLR)?

NO. You do NOT have permission to resell this kit in any way to your customers or clients.

You can NOT give this kit away for free.

This kit is intended for internal use within your own business.

What are the Terms of Use on This Kit?

What are the “Terms of Use” for This Kit?

This kit is intended for personal business use only:


  • Use the toolkit yourself in your business.
  • Give it to your virtual assistant and other team members to work on your business projects.
  • Use the toolkit to provide services to your own paid clients.


  • Resell this kit in any way to your customers, clients, or members as this is not PLR.
  • Give this kit away for free.

If you have questions about these terms of use, please contact my team and ask.

Get the Plan & Templates for Only $127!