Praise for Melissa

praise for melissa


“Melissa, what you’re sharing here is pure gold! I was so reluctant to let anyone help me in my business, but once I did I became a true entrepreneur. Thanks again.”
– Connie Ragen Green

“Outsourcing is something that I know I need to do, and I even want to do, but haven’t really known where (or how) to start. I like the advice to start small, with just a few tasks, both to test the relationship, but also to just to ease into outsourcing a little at a time. I can imagine that once I have a little successful outsourcing under my belt, it just gets easier, and more fun. Thanks too, for the Outsourcing Toolkit. The specific examples will really come in handy. 🙂
–  Teresa Miller

“I liked the way Melissa broke down my hourly pay and showed me how I am actually LOSING MONEY by doing it myself. I looked up two VAs right after the call and have appts. for next week. I am HIRING me a ‘Liberator’ ASAP!!!”
– Renita Taylor

“I always get a lot out of your materials. Here’s a few things I took note of during this outsourcing call: We’re still working like an employee. I’ve been outsourcing some tasks here and there, more since the first time I heard you speak on outsourcing–awhile ago, or maybe I read one of your reports? My big problem isn’t outsourcing, I’d love to do more and want to grow my income so I can outsource more. My biggest problem is still ‘thinking’ like an employee. Time is not a renewable resource. Money is, you can always make more money. You can never make more time! Teams are time, teams are energy, teams are –forgot the last thing–business maybe? The lifestyle of complete freedom. Track everything you do for 7 days. I out-task right now. Figuring out what you’re doing that doesn’t lead directly to profit. Invest in your own business instead of just spending your money on frivilous items. You can find the money when you want to. If you want it bad enough, you’ll find it. Another problem I have is I enjoy the backend stuff, and would rather outsource the writing for now. I do want to work up to hiring a VA to do the blog post scheduling and setting up aweber emails. All in good time.”
– Patti Stafford

“Melissa thank you for this valuable information. I usually do everything myself but now I’m more clear on the benefit of giving tasks to other people to free up some of my time. Awesome 🙂
– Cheryl

“Melissa, Thank you for the free recording. I listened to it and learned quite a bit. I have been trying to get my business up and running for about a year but the technical parts are what is holding me up. Oh the money I have spent trying to learn the technical stuff! I have done a little bit of outsourcing through Fiverr and O’Desk and have been happy with some and unhappy with some. What I liked most about the recording is the fact that you pointed out that we really need a team to run the business so that we can do the things that generate money. I never realized how much was involved in having an online business and I now understand that I can’t possibly do it all myself. Trying to do that is just wasting my time and money and making me feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. I am finally at a point where I want to stop spending money on learning things that a VA or web designed can do. I am an author and all I want to do is have an ebook business. I can produce the ebooks but I can’t and don’t want to do the other things. I also want to coach other authors in getting their ebook businesses started and running so that they can be successful. I liked the idea of having your whole year planned out. I don’t even have my week planned out! One of my biggest challenges is where do I start now with outsourcing. I really want to do this because I know that’s the only way that I will at least have a chance for success. Thank you again for your recording. I learned quite a bit from it and am looking forward to your new product that will be coming out shortly on this topic.
– Georgean Sharp

“Hello Melissa, Thank you for providing this call. I am so thankful because you are so right, as business owners we cannot do everything ourselves and still grow. It’s impossible. It’s my goal to put into place my outsourcing team by the end of this year, so that my 2014 and beyond will be strong and prosperous. Thanks again Melissa!”
– Dana Williams

“I thought your call was incredibly well laid out, I loved that you went through outsourcing in such great detail and hit on every worry point that one might have when outsourcing for the first time. What made me sit up and take notice was the fact that you said in order to move ahead an become successful, we have to outsource and then you gave us the list of tasks that we could outsource plus the task of writ in down our tasks, that will a great way to figure out exactly what we need to do for our individual business. I am excited to get started. Your tips are invaluable, thank you!”
– Grainne

“Hi Melissa, I’ve listened to your “How to Outsource your way to a 6 figure business” and I liked the various software you suggested and explained how to find VA’s. I am experimenting with outsourcing now. I am struggling with raising my rates to $80 per hour because I would be doubling my rate but I’m not happy with all the hours I’m working and not feeling like I’m getting anywhere. I also liked how you laid out how we need to create documentation and instructions when we outsource and provide training. I am also now thinking about what I can sell from my website to make additional income. I’d like to know more about how you make money from your member list. Did you let your clients know you had outsourced some of the work? I am not sure how to handle that at the moment as I embark on this new venture. Thanks for your audio recording! I learned a lot and have decided to take a step of faith.
– Melissa Schultz

“Melissa – It was a very thorough call, and I took away the ideas that I need to make a calendar for the year and that I need to plan ahead. I did make a marketing/editorial calendar for this year, but I got so overwhelmed that I have given up on it. But in the next few days, I will be updating that and starting again with my outsourcing. What you also said is that I need to get myself working on the tasks that make money – not that I just sit back and watch. I have to actively be driving the bus for this to happen to take a step of faith.
– Mathea

“Here’s the thing: getting all these invitations to listen in all kinds of free calls, squeezing them into your schedule (for me it often means off hours, because of thetime zone) and then being very disappointed, bored and drowsy, when the “gem” is something like “use social media for free traffic”. That’s NOT Melissa! What she gives us is real value. Everyone is talking about it, but very few seems to know how to deliver. Melissa does! And the way she presents it with warmth and humor… will not put you asleep in the middle of the presentation. You never need to wonder what “the gem” is, just pick the one you like best because there are plenty!”
– Eveliina

“Melissa’s training on outsourcing really got the wheels turning for me! She gives such valuable information with real-life examples that I could easily apply to my own situation. I am a VA, so I went into this thinking it probably wasn’t for me, but after listening I realized I really need to get a plan in place for my own outsourcing! Thanks Melissa!”
– Tanya Bryant

“I was very impressed with your call on outsourcing. As a virtual paralegal and assistant, I found it very informative and spot on! Keep up the great work!”
– Will Burley

“This was a great reminder that the only way to build a business is through team. I feel I am always on the spectrum of wanting to outsource to doing it all myself. It is definitely a muscle that needs to be exercised. I really like the idea of starting to build your rolodex because you won’t be needing contractors full time to start. I always enjoy your “easy” approach to things, it makes it seem much less complicated.”
–  Ashley E Smith

“Listening to you discuss outsourcing and not trying to do it all myself was just what I needed to hear! I have been trying to be everything and I am so overwhelmed. Thanks for the guidance!”
– Candy

“I felt like you were watching over my shoulder when you said that I was working as an employee in my own business. I do all kinds of things that do not directly make me money, but that is about to change. Understanding the value of your time to help you understand what tasks to outsource and how much you can afford to pay for the services is invaluable. I also loved that you explained how to hire and what to look for when you do hire people for outsourcing. I was unclear of my business plan, because I knew there were tasks I didn’t want to do, but I believed that if I had the luxury of working from home, then the cost was having to do everything. I can now re-vamp my plan and envision the business I really want to build and know that I have the ability to outsource the tasks that don’t make me money or that I don’t enjoy doing. Thank you so much for sharing this information.”
– Lori Winslow