In this video I’ll cover:

  • What most people do when outsourcing doesn’t bring the results they expect
  • Why outsourcing is worth the work and what you should do
  • What will rocket you to real time freedom

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Time Freedom Video Transcript – When Outsourcing Doesn’t Bring Results

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It’s Melissa Ingold from

What do you do when outsourcing doesn’t get you results?

Most people quit. What I hear from a lot of people is that when it comes to outsourcing specifically is that a lot of people tend to say:

“I had a bad experience, it didn’t go very good. I’ve given up, I don’t outsource anymore. It’s too much work. It’s too much time.”

There’s just excuse after excuse for why they haven’t done it.

My advice to you is that you have to give it time. That is the most important thing, you have to give it a chance to work out. In the beginning you’re going to have to get used to the way that your assistant or your team works together and how you communicate, you’ll have to get all the little kinks and stuff out of your systems and really narrowing down on the things that need to be done. If you don’t give it enough time, then you’re probably going to feel like you had a bad experience, that you didn’t get what you wanted.

melissaingold-beachIt’s worth the work…

That’s not to say that there aren’t a lot of people who really do have bad experiences outsourcing. I’ve had a lot of my own bad experiences with outsourcing, but I definitely wouldn’t quit and give it up – and I didn’t, even back when I was first getting started. I’ve run into a lot of crazy situations when it comes to outsourcing, but at the end of the day it is worth the work and the time that it takes to really create a great relationship with your assistant and building a team.

It’s going to benefit you in the long run, even if it takes a little extra work now and it kind of seems like a hassle because you have to train people and get everyone used to it. Sometimes it does seem a little bit easier just to do the work yourself. But you have to stick with it, because it’s going to benefit you down the road when you suddenly have more free time to be creating those trainings and products, going to those events, or just saying yes when you get invited out for dinner with friends or to a movie, or being able to leave your office during the day to show up at your kid’s school for a special event they’re doing, just having that free time or being able to walk away from your business for a week or two and going on vacation with your family without dragging your laptop with you and having to be on your phone all the time working.

To have the time freedom you want, you need a team of people to support you and help you move your business forward.

That is not what you signed up for, I know it’s not. You did not sign up for a business that keeps you tied to your desk and working hour after hour. I know that’s not what you signed up for. The only way you are going to create a business that you really want and get the time freedom that I know you crave, because who wants to be in their office all the time. What’s going to get you there is having team – people who support you and help you move the business forward.

All I can say is if you’re not getting the results you kind of expected from outsourcing or that you really want, my advice is don’t give up. Give it time to work.

Now, of course I don’t want you to keep working with people that just aren’t working out. That’s not what I mean. You need to let those people go, move on and try it again, and try it again. I’m telling you, it will pay off. Some people get lucky and they find the perfect person or team right off the bat. Other people it takes time. Also, your needs change. Sometimes the people you’re working with decide they want to do different things and you move on, that’s just the way it goes. But do not give up. Give it enough time to really start working.

If you give up after a couple of months because it doesn’t seem to be working, stick with it. Please, stick with it and give it some more time.

Done-for-You Videos to Train Your Assistant…

If you really want to make sure that your assistant is doing all of the really great things that will benefit your business and grow your business to help you make money, which is what your team should be working on, they should be doing things that are going to be helping you make money. Not everything they do is going to make you money directly, but it will help you grow your business. I want you to go and check out my Train Your VA to Make Money for You program. It has tons of videos that will help you train your VA.

Basically you take those videos, you give them to your assistant, and they will know exactly what you want and what to do to help you make money. I’m not going to go into all the details here, just click the link below this video to go over and check the page, there’s a video there and you’ll get all the information that you need. I’m giving you permission to take the videos I’ve personally created and you can give those to your assistant so they can do the great things, no back and forth in an email trying to explain what you want or just thinking up things to assign or anything like that.

Again, give outsourcing time. That’s the biggest thing that I can say about this if you feel like outsourcing isn’t getting you the results that you want.

Thank you for stopping by. I’ll see you next time.