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Melissa would love to hear about your event or interview idea or to discuss creating a giveaway for your audience or doing an affiliate promotion.

If you’re interested in interviewing Melissa on your blog, podcast, teleseminar, webinar, etc., please submit your request by filling out this form and if she feels like you’d be a great fit, her team will contact you within 3 business days to discuss moving forward.

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Recent Engagements


POP Your Biz International Interview Series! I joined, Amanda Moxley, and 14 other super fun, feisty and fabulously successful 6 and 7 figure soul sisters, Jennifer Longmore, Jenny Fenig, Belinda Jackson, Christine Miskinis, Sandy Forster, Kate Byrne, Kendra E. Thornbury, Grace Kelly, Courtney Long, Carly Hope, Michelle Ghilotti, Jenn August, Joanna Lindenbaum, + Kate Loterzo for a potent interview series designed to help you POP your biz this year!

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swag bag giveaway

Biz Swag Bag! I joined, Elaine Wellman, and 10 other fabulous women entrepreneurs, Lisa Manyon, Jenny Fenig, Kerry Swetmon, Sue Painter, Biba Perron, Rachel Kellaway, Nicole Dean, Lisa Hines, Deb Coman, Carol Leblanc for an awesome giveaway event.

infinite health and wealth

Infinite Health & Wealth Season Three – I joined, Jennifer Longmore, and 10 other  fabulously successful 6 and 7 figure soul sisters,  Amanda Moxely, Jenny Fenig, Belinda Jackson, Kate Loterzo, Lisa Lieberman-Wang, Aimee Serafini, Dr. Kate Byrne, Lynn McKenzie, Saskia Roell, and Clarissa Wilson for an incredible giveaway event.

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Halloween-Biz-Treats-2 (1)

My colleagues and I decided to get together for some fun virtual trick-or-treating! No tricks here, we simply had loads of valuable biz treats for you! Hosted by Belinda Jackson and joined by myself, Jenny Fenig, Kat Loterzo, Jane Copland, Karen Gunton, Regan Hillyer, Lynn McKenzie, Becca Berggren, and Janet Kafadar.

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“Melissa, what you’re sharing here is pure gold! I was so reluctant to let anyone help me in my business, but once I did I became a true entrepreneur. Thanks again.”

– Connie Ragen Green

“Outsourcing is something that I know I need to do, and I even want to do, but haven’t really known where (or how) to start. I like the advice to start small, with just a few tasks, both to test the relationship, but also to just to ease into outsourcing a little at a time. I can imagine that once I have a little successful outsourcing under my belt, it just gets easier, and more fun. Thanks too, for the Outsourcing Toolkit. The specific examples will really come in handy.”

– Teresa Miller

“This was a great reminder that the only way to build a business is through team. I feel I am always on the spectrum of wanting to outsource to doing it all myself. It is definitely a muscle that needs to be exercised. I really like the idea of starting to build your rolodex because you won’t be needing contractors full time to start. I always enjoy your “easy” approach to things, it makes it seem much less complicated.”

– Ashley E Smith

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Bio Short

Melissa Ingold is the leading expert at for women entrepreneurs who want to find and build their dream team to create more abundance + security + freedom + flexibility in their business and life. Based on her 10 years of outsourcing experience, she creates educational programs and tools that help make outsourcing easy, painless, and fun!

Bio Long

Melissa Ingold believes that an entrepreneur truly steps into their power and joy when they shift out of their self-assigned job as task doer, and realign themselves with their true role as the visionary creator for their business.

Overcoming teen pregnancy, single parenting, poverty, and no business experience, Melissa built a highly sought after service business from the ground up. However, after 5 years of running her business single-handily, while taking care of 2 young children, a husband and managing a household, she was exhausted, frustrated, and just wanted to throw in the towel, crawl into bed, and hide under the covers until it all went away. But what she quickly discovered, is that her rock bottom break down was actually disguised as a life changing break-through.

In 2006, desperate to escape the cage her business had built around her, Melissa took a leap of faith and hired her first virtual assistant. It was a move that would change the course of her business and life forever. Over the next few years, in her new role as the visionary creator in her business, she transitioned out of the service industry, hired more help, restructured and streamlined her business model, and designed a business around her life, rather than forcing her life to conform to her business.

By 2010, Melissa’s team had been running her business for almost two years so she could work just a few hours a week and devote the rest of her time to taking care of her third child, a baby boy with special needs. In mid-June of that same year, her son passed away in his sleep just 8 days before his second birthday.

Today, Melissa attributes outsourcing and the support of her team for the magic that kept her business growing and making money, while she had the freedom of time to cherish every moment with her son.

Melissa now runs several successful businesses with the help of her fabulous team. She creates 50+ new products every year, runs multiple monthly membership programs, is an affiliate marketer, and has created a slew of fun projects with amazing joint venture partners.

After the loss of her beautiful son in 2010, Melissa has opened up about her experiences and shares her message about outsourcing to help other entrepreneurs bridge the gap between a business that takes all your time, energy, and joy to one that works for you and supports you in creating the life you’ve always dreamed about.