In this video I’ll cover:

  • How I got started with outsourcing
  • The best way for you to start outsourcing
  • Why doing busy work isn’t the best use of your time

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Time Freedom Video Transcript – Find Out How I Started Outsourcing

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It’s Melissa Ingold from Do you want to know how I did it, how I first started outsourcing?

I started outsourcing seven or eight years ago now. When I first started I actually hired a VA to work for me for only five hours a month. How I did it was I actually prepaid her. Instead of having her do the work and waiting for that invoice to come in and sweating bullets about it, I would make sure that I had the money upfront, I would pay her for her five hours, and then I would be all set.

I would tell her to let me know when I had about an hour of my time left so that I could prioritize what still needed to get done. If there was something that really needed to get done, I didn’t want to find out that I had no time left or suddenly get an unexpected invoice.

If you’re just getting going with outsourcing, that’s what I suggest you do. Invest in just a few hours to start with and start small in terms of money investment until you get the hang of it, until you start feeling comfortable with it. I don’t want you to give up too fast, because it does take time for outsourcing to really pay off, for you to really start being able to see the benefits of it. Don’t give up too fast.

melissaingold-beachStart Small and Grow Later…

Start small, start with a small investment, start with small projects, and then work your way from there. That’s how I did it. I just really started small, I just took the leap and I hired that VA, and then I kept going. I was working the business, working really hard, and eventually I realized that I need to have someone who can handle my customer service, because I was spending 10 hours a month at the time doing nothing but responding to customer emails with questions, or they couldn’t get their download, or anything like that I was handling myself.

That was 10 hours a month where I was not actively serving my customers. I was in one sense, because I was responding to their questions and things, but I wasn’t working on new products or programs that they really wanted from me that would help them, because a lot of my time was going into answering questions that anyone could answer. That’s when I finally brought on someone who would be handle customer support.

On board for me I now have a team of people who work on customer support, a manager who oversees that, so it works out really well for us. I’m so glad I’m not sucked into the day to day. As much as I really loved personally assisting and helping my customers at the time, it really wasn’t the best use of my time because it really wasn’t where I shine, and other people do.

There are plenty of business managers, you’ll probably know them mostly as Online Business Managers, or customer service people who that’s all they do is provide customer service to other businesses, then just your general VA who can do an amazing job, probably even a better job than you. I know my team does, because a lot of times they know how to answer questions and figure things out a lot better than me.

That’s kind of how I got going, I started small with the VA for a few hours a month and just kept working and kept investing in those few hours of time that I was able to buy from her and get back to put into the business to grow it so that I could get to the next level.

That’s how I got started. If you’ve outsourced, I would love to know your getting started story. How did you get started? What tools did you use? What resources did you use? Please share them. I’d love to hear your story.

Thanks. I’ll see you next time. Bye.