Time Freedom BusinessQ: How do I keep my business going during the holidays?

The fun, and busy, holiday season comes around and the kids are home from school – who wants to work? Not me! My business volume doesn’t decrease over the holidays, but my work hours definitely do. You can do the same thing.

Here’s some tips to keep your business going, even when you’re away from the office:

  • Prewrite your emails and schedule them in an autoresponder.
  • Prewrite your blog posts and schedule them in WordPress. If you don’t use WordPress, you can still prewrite the entries and then publish them when you’re ready. There’s no reason to make it look like no one is taking care of the shop. Having an “on vacation” sign on your website is bad for business. It means lost sales and create concern for your existing customers who can’t get customer support or refill orders.

Here’s what you can do to keep your customers happy while you slack of a little:

  • Hire a customer support person to answer emails and return phone calls. There’s plenty of work at home moms that offer their virtual assistant services.
  • Hire a local student (or even your own kids) to fill orders and make post office runs.
  • Create digital products that your customers can instantly download after purchase. Some examples include ebooks, audio recordings, software or other electronic media.
  • Make product offers through affiliate programs. Earn a commission for each sale and let the other company take care of fulfilling the order.

There’s no reason you can’t work a little less this holiday season. Just a bit of planning and extra help will allow you to enjoy some fun in the sun.

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