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Q: So Melissa, do you discuss anywhere how to find really, really good outsourcers? That seems to be part of the challenge – finding those outsourcers that are reasonably priced and still do a fantastic job.

Any suggestions on getting things done on time? I set deadlines and then find myself pestering the person about it. In fact this week, I was told it would be done “in a couple hours” and six hours later still nothing. The end product was good, but having to ask multiple times was annoying.

– Julie

A: This is a great question Julie! Especially when you’re first beginning to outsource in your business, it can be tricky trying to decipher between who will do a good job and who you can trust with your business tasks.

You may want to take a look at my Fabulous Service Contractors List. It includes 12 of my own contractors, and 100+ other high-quality leads. This is the list that I use when I’m looking for my next hire – in fact, over the past few months, I’ve hired 4 people from this exact same list!

But start asking around in your community (Facebook, private forums, etc.) and ask people who they’re using and recommend – I’ve found the best people this way. But I’ve also had pretty good luck finding people through Google search by being very strategic about it.

Deadlines can be tricky because it does take some time to figure out how much time your contractor really needs to get a task done. So if the work was really great, you don’t want to lose that person because you may have given them a deadline that was a little too tight (I’ve done this in the past too, no biggie, you just have to adjust). So if you set a deadline of 2 weeks and it took them 3 weeks, try assigning them another task with a 3 week deadline instead. And then don’t bug them until the end of the second week, and just say, “Hey, I was just checking in to make sure everything’s going okay and to see if you had any questions.” 

If your contractor feels like you’re always looking over their shoulder and they have to stop working to reply to your many emails, they’ll get grouchy and become resentful of the fact that you don’t trust them. I know it’s hard to not check in on them all the time, but you’re not their boss, you’re their client. So you have to step back and trust that they’ll do their job – and learning to trust your people is essential if you want to build a team that will support you long term.

If things don’t work out, they don’t – it’s not the end of the world. You’ll have misses, but you just keep looking and trying, because one day, you’ll find that perfect match 🙂

I hope this helps somewhat Julie!

If you want me to answer your outsourcing question on my blog, send me your question here and I may feature you on an upcoming blog post 🙂