Download the FREE "Scale Your Business" Workbook so You Know Exactly What to Focus on to Make More Money!


Did you know 20% of the tasks in your business generate 80% of your income?

And did you know this also means that 80% of the tasks in your business aren’t actually worth your precious time?

It’s true: Most entrepreneurs are spending their days glued to their desks & buried in “busywork” that doesn’t bring in the big bucks (or any bucks at all!) and it’s time for that to change!

Here’s what you’ll learn inside this FREE workbook:

  • How to decipher “busywork” from work that actually makes you money, so you know what to focus on to call in more cash flow (and what tasks you can pass on–for good)
  • How to identify what your time is actually worth so you can stop undercharging–and make sure you have the cash you need to outsource, too!
  • Exactly what tasks to delegate and who to delegate them to, so everyone is able to do their best work with ease (if you’ve hired capable contractors–let’s make sure you’re leveraging them correctly!)
  • Simple tips and tricks to help you ditch distractions, so you can get the tasks that stay on your to-do List done with intention and more efficiently than ever

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