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3 Ways to Outsource on a Budget

Hiring an assistant doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, there are some really great options for entrepreneurs who are just getting started, or for those who don’t anticipate the need for a lot of hours. So don’t go into it assuming that you…

3 Project Management Tips to Organize Your Busy Week

If you’re overwhelmed by your “to-do” list, and you find yourself procrastinating or doing things you shouldn’t be doing (like trolling around on Facebook), instead of doing the tasks at hand, you’ll enjoy these tips.

There are 3 key things that I do to make sure that I get a lot done during a busy week…

The best way to manage paying your team

There are so many different ways to pay your team – prepaying, per project, monthly, weekly, etc., and a lot of it depends on what your contractor wants.

And after 9 years of outsourcing, I’ve done it all, so I have some great tips to share with you about how to manage team payments to save time + hassles…

How to Survive a Team Member Crisis

In this video I’ll cover:

– What cross-training means and how it can help you avoid a crisis

– Why a backup plan is critical to avoiding a stressful situation

– How to ensure someone is ready to fill in at a moment’s notice

3 Common Outsourcing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

In this video I’ll cover:

– Why systems are critical to your business success and how to start putting them to work for you

– How a project manager can help keep you sane by ensuring everything is getting done on time and according to your guidelines

– The importance of clear communication, and how to make sure all your team members know exactly what’s expected of them

3 Signs it’s Time to Let Go of a Task or Project

In this video I’ll cover:

– The 3 key things that will tell you whether or not to finally let go of a project
– How to dig deep and find out just what projects you should be working on right now
– Why simply dropping a project might not be the best choice – and what you can do instead

How to Manage Your Team When Everything Blows Up

In this video I’ll cover:

– What it really means when things get chaotic in your business.
– Why your first reaction is to get angry, and how to take a step back and avoid saying or doing something you’ll regret later.
– How to recover – and more importantly, how to put systems in place so it doesn’t happen again.

I Have a Small Budget, What Should I Outsource First?

In this video I’ll cover:

– How to figure out what you should outsource first when you have a small budget
– What the average cost is for a skilled and experienced assistant
– Where to access my super cool “what your time is worth” calculator so you can figure out what an hour of your time is actually worth
– How even outsourcing for just 5 hours a month can have a dramatic impact on your business and income