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Best Biz Tip Ever: “Put a Ring on It”

Best Biz Tip Ever Put a Ring on ItFor years people have been teaching you how to “work less and earn more”, but you can’t just take it for a test drive to see if it works.

To make it work, you have to “PUT A RING ON IT” and actually COMMIT to the idea of working less and earning more….

But it’s not enough to say you’re committed, you need to have a REASON WHY. Sure, one of the reasons may be to earn a good living, but you can work tons and earn a great living. You need motivation to continuously REDUCE the amount of work you’re doing, without sacrificing your profits.

Some of these reasons might be:

  • More time with your family.
  • The ability to support your spouse in their dreams and goals.
  • A hobby or other interest.
  • A higher calling or charitable work

…or it could be anything that’s important to you. For me, it’s family and having a comfortable lifestyle with plenty of freedom. For you…well, that’s something you need to discover for yourself.

If you’ve been glued to the computer for the past few years and you’ve lost sight of the other things that might be important in your life, take some time to rediscover or even newly discover what you want out of life.

16 Tips to help you finally COMMIT to the idea of working less and earning more:

Here’s the thing…Your business will not fall apart if you stay away from it for a while. If you’ve got the right help in place, you can start taking more time away from your business. And even if you don’t have the right help in place YET…I’m willing to bet that you’re placing more importance on your presence than you need to be. It sounds cruel, but it’s a realization that all business owners need to come to if they want to move onward and upward.

So let’s look at 16 things small things that you can start doing now to help you make big strides towards your own work less + earn more dream:

  • Plan as much of your month in advance as you can. Advance planning will help you create a better work flow, so you’re not flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants every day. You’ll know exactly what you need to do for the next few weeks before it’s time to plan again. You’ll also want to make sure you also include all the personal stuff that needs to get done and schedule it in as well. Are you volunteering for a field trip? Put that down. Do you have a doctor’s appointment? Put that down too. By creating a place where you can include both business and personal stuff, you won’t have to worry about overbooking yourself, or causing unnecessary stress. If you know in advance that you won’t be available to work because of an appointment, you’ll be able to do what needs to be done so you’ll have that day off without worry.
  • Compartmentalize your time. If you have children under foot all day, you know how distracting it can be. Try to plan work times for when you won’t be interrupted instead. For example, work during nap times, share babysitting with a neighbor and get your spouse to take over now and then. Enjoy your kids while they’re with you. If you’re home alone during the day while your spouse works or your kids are in school, work while they’re gone so you’re ready to enjoy their company when they get home. In other words, work time is work time. Play time is play time.
  • Work shorter hours. This goes hand in hand with compartmentalizing your time. If you try to work with a toddler asking for a snack, a toy or something else every 5 minutes – I’ll bet you’ll get more done in 2 hours of completely focused work time than you will in 6 hours of working around the kids.
  • We already talked about planning your business activities – do it for your personal life as well. I actually put all my business and personal activities on the same calendar, so I can see everything and not forget.
  • Make smaller to-do lists. If you’re overloading yourself every day, you’ll always be worried about those items you didn’t finish. Give yourself plenty of time to complete your tasks and do them WELL. After all, if you do just one thing well…it’s more likely to be more effective than mediocre effort at getting a bunch of things done.
  • If you’re a service provider, assemble a team to deliver service for your clients. You can still oversee projects, communicate with clients, but if you do all the grunt work yourself, I’m sorry to say, you’ve got a J-O-B.
  • Only take on clients you can service. Taking on more and doing a sub-par job means people won’t hire you again, nor will they refer you to others. NOTE: If you have a service delivery team, you CAN take on more clients.
  • Put a value on your time. To do this, assess how much time you’re currently working in your business and how much money you’re actually making to come up with an hourly rate for yourself. Work to increase that hourly rate.

    Want to know what an hour of your time is worth? Click Here to Use My Handy Time Calculator Now

  • Forget the “Internet Marketing Fads”. Start with the tried and true marketing methods and things that have been proven to work over time.
  • Tweak and build on what is working in your business. Drop what isn’t.
  • Get your JV partners into action, so you have a sales force working for you, even when you aren’t. Don’t have an affiliate program? Get one started.
  • Plan your content and promotions ahead of time. Whether it’s your website content, emails, videos, or podcasts, have it all planned ahead of time, so you can have everyone working on the various components in plenty of time for release.
  • Improve and split test your sales copy. Small tweaks can mean big results, but if you’re not testing them, you aren’t going to know what works.
  • Analyze your products that are under-performing and build on the performers.
  • Focus on keeping your current customers happy and buying more, rather than putting all your effort into finding new customers.
  • Evaluate your spending. Sure, I’m telling you to spend money and build a team, but ensure the work they’re doing is valuable to your business. Adjust your plans where necessary.

Like the title of this blog post says, “put a ring on it” – and fully commit to doing what it takes to create the business and life you truly want.

If you make a few little tweaks and changes to the way you do things, before you know it, you’ll be on your way to making your dream a reality.

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