Are You Doing Busy Work instead of Making Money?

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Are you being faithful to outsourcing?

In this video I’ll cover:

  • What true outsourcing is
  • What most people actually do when they hire help

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Time Freedom Video Transcript – Are You Being Faithful to Outsourcing?

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It’s Melissa Ingold from

I want to ask you:

“Are you being faithful? Faithful to outsourcing, that is.”

A lot of times people will dive into outsourcing, but then what they really end up doing is out-tasking. Out-tasking is different from outsourcing, because outsourcing is something that you would do on a regular monthly basis. You would have different things that you need done consistently all the time; that is really outsourcing.

‘Out-Tasking’ isn’t outsourcing…

Out-tasking is where you would just go to a VA and say, “I need this blog installed and I need some content added. Can you do that?” They would do the work and then that was it, you would go on your merry way and you wouldn’t bother getting in touch with the VA until something else came up where you really needed the help. That’s out-tasking, just getting a few tasks here and there, but it’s not really consistent outsourcing.

I want to know if you are outsourcing, are you being faithful to outsourcing or are you really out-tasking? Let me know what you are doing. If you’re not outsourcing yet, leave me a comment anyway about what you think of outsourcing and out-tasking.

I know we all have different businesses and different needs, but it’s really important that if you want to get some really great results that you consistently outsource, because then those people can help you grow your business on a regular basis as opposed to just one-off tasks here and there, which means that you’re still doing a lot of the work yourself in your business. That’s not going to help you create freedom in your life and in your business. You want to be focused on growing the business, being the big picture person while you have other people supporting you and helping you reach your vision.

Let me know. Are you being faithful to outsourcing or are you kind of just doing out-tasking?

Thanks. Bye.

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  1. I’m NOT being faithful to outsourcing but I’m also NOT outtasking (at least not like I used to).

    My problem is an ongoing one:
    I set myself up to have a VA do ongoing tasks, such as setting up monthly products or creating content for monthly products. This goes well for a few months but then my business takes a typical dive in income for a few months and I just can’t keep it up.. Then I feel bad that I’ve let my VAs down because I can’t give them consistent work.

    I realize this is more of a cash flow/money management problem then an outsourcing issue but it’s my constant challenge. It seems my business does this teeter-tooter move where income is high for a few months and then low for a few, so in the high months I’m just catching up from the low months. Maybe I need to just consistently hire VAs to do less work (like $100 per month instead of the $300 I try for) until I can figure out the cash flow. I would love to get to a point where I can afford the level your at and have a significantly larger amount going to outsourcing but I just don’t see at this point where the cash is coming from.

    I think for me I need to really focus on getting better at this portion of my business before I can master being good at outsourcing (it seems like a chicken or the egg kind of deal because if I had more money I’d outsource more and if I’d outsource more I’d have more money)….

    Frustrating as this has been years of struggling with the same thing. If you have any experience/programs/advice on overcoming a poor money management mindset I’m all ears!

    • Hey Angela 🙂

      It sounds like you’re trying to go too big, too fast – so I think you need to take a breath and back up. When I got started, I had one VA and I paid her for 5 hours per month – and I forced myself to be very faithful to outsourcing those 5 hours.

      It’s not an overnight thing. As I worked on my business and grew my income, I chose to reinvest that money back into outsourcing instead of just spending it on other stuff, and went from 5 hours to 10 hours, and then to 20, and beyond. But I stayed within my budget for those 5 hours for quite a long time – outsourcing a few things that would free up my time to focus on the growth of my business.

      You obviously know when your business income takes a nose dive, so what are you doing to make sure that doesn’t happen? Every business has high and low months – are you looking at your income over the past 2-3 years to see what months your income typically drops? If you know, then you can plan ahead and run sales, coupons, launch a new product, promote affiliate offers, etc., to make sure you keep the cash flowing in.

      How much time do you spend tweaking your offers and sales funnels? Are you split-testing? Are you consistently building your mailing lists, and split-testing to get the best conversions? Have you tried any kind of paid advertising – like Facebook or solo ads to build your list? Are you hosting free webinars or calls to funnel people to an offer? Are you loading those replays to your autoresponders to new people can also watch your training? Are you re-purposing your content to get the most out of it? Are you actually using the PLR content you’ve bought?

      You get the point, lol!

      I think you should pick 1-3 things you really want to outsource, set a budget that you can comfortably pay every month, and go from there. Then get serious and dedicate some time to getting crap done in your business. If you spent just 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, busting your butt working on the things that will lead to profit – you’ll put in 10 hours a week of major work. You can record an entire webinar in an hour, and then spend the other hour setting up your funnel for it. Imagine how much you’d get done in a week if you did this.

      So my challenge to you is…

      1) Choose at least 1 -3 things you want to outsource every month (choose the things that are a major time suck for you, and that you really hate doing).
      2) Look at your finances and set a budget for the tasks you’ve chosen. The budget has to be something you can pay easily month after month after month – so you don’t get scared and quit when things get tight in those slow months.
      3) While you’re looking at your finances, you need to figure out when the slow times are happening in your business so you can plug those leaks with special offers, affiliate contests, coupons, new product, free training with offer, etc.
      4) Dedicate at least 2 hours a day to getting some serious work done – with a focus on money-making stuff. Choose 1-3 things you’ll focus on…things like, updating your autoresponder emails, planning, writing, and scheduling your emails for the week, updating your sales funnels, tweaking your download pages, etc.

      You got this! 😀

      • Wow Melissa lots in here I better come back and read it a few times.

        I get what you’re saying about go with a smaller amount of time I know I’ll be able to handle monthly, that makes sense. I thought I HAD done that and I was consistent for about five months and then my baby was born and I barely worked for five months, so things have dropped off.

        I did do some things to even out my income, one being a membership that I thought I could keep with the baby but it was based on webinars so I decided to close it up. I definitely miss the recurring income there! I’m working on a new monthly program that fits my new life better, and other ways to fill in the gaps.

        As for luls in my business I’ve never been able to see any patterns. All my products have been coaching based programs and I’ve never had success in being so consistent in my products or promotions that I could pick a pattern out and say something like “sales dip every May”. My dips are so random but obviously the most recent one is due to less work being done and a bit of a major business overhaul happening because the way I ran my business before doesn’t really work with life with a baby..

        As for your challenge – I accept 🙂 I only have at very MAX two hours per day, sometimes one, sometimes none but I will work my best at dedicating that time to the serious work for sure. Like tonight I’m doing videos for two products. 🙂

        Thanks so much for taking the time to write such a thorough response!

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