In this video I’ll cover:

  • What true outsourcing is
  • What most people actually do when they hire help

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Time Freedom Video Transcript – Are You Being Faithful to Outsourcing?

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It’s Melissa Ingold from

I want to ask you:

“Are you being faithful? Faithful to outsourcing, that is.”

A lot of times people will dive into outsourcing, but then what they really end up doing is out-tasking. Out-tasking is different from outsourcing, because outsourcing is something that you would do on a regular monthly basis. You would have different things that you need done consistently all the time; that is really outsourcing.

‘Out-Tasking’ isn’t outsourcing…

Out-tasking is where you would just go to a VA and say, “I need this blog installed and I need some content added. Can you do that?” They would do the work and then that was it, you would go on your merry way and you wouldn’t bother getting in touch with the VA until something else came up where you really needed the help. That’s out-tasking, just getting a few tasks here and there, but it’s not really consistent outsourcing.

I want to know if you are outsourcing, are you being faithful to outsourcing or are you really out-tasking? Let me know what you are doing. If you’re not outsourcing yet, leave me a comment anyway about what you think of outsourcing and out-tasking.

I know we all have different businesses and different needs, but it’s really important that if you want to get some really great results that you consistently outsource, because then those people can help you grow your business on a regular basis as opposed to just one-off tasks here and there, which means that you’re still doing a lot of the work yourself in your business. That’s not going to help you create freedom in your life and in your business. You want to be focused on growing the business, being the big picture person while you have other people supporting you and helping you reach your vision.

Let me know. Are you being faithful to outsourcing or are you kind of just doing out-tasking?

Thanks. Bye.