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3 Ways to Outsource on a Budget

3 Ways to Outsource on a BudgetHiring an assistant doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

In fact, there are some really great options for entrepreneurs who are just getting started, or for those who don’t anticipate the need for a lot of hours.

So don’t go into it assuming that you can’t afford it, or that a potential hire wouldn’t be willing to work with you to create an option that fits your needs.



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Time Freedom Business Transcript – 3 Ways to Outsource on a Budget

It’s Melissa Ingold from and today I want to share three ways that you can outsource on a budget.

#1. You’re going to choose one to three tasks that you absolute hate doing.

Or, if you don’t hate doing them, they’re just tasks that suck up a lot of your time, time that you would rather spend doing things that you absolutely love, whether it’s creating programs or coaching clients. That time is put to better use if you have somebody helping you do those tasks.

Once you know what one to three tasks you really want to take off your plate then you can figure out how many hours a month that is taking. How much are you spending doing those tasks?

Once you have that in place and you know how many hours you’re spending then you can set a budget for what you want to spend to have those tasks done. Then you can reach out to a potential assistant and tell her, “This is what I need done every month. This is about how long it takes. This is my budget. What can we do?” Basically you’re going to work with that assistant to come up with a project price. That way costs aren’t going to go up, but they’re also not going to go down, you’re going to have that set project price every month to get those tasks done.

#2. Choose a pay as you go option.

For instance, a lot of virtual assistants have retainer packages for five hours, 10 hours, 20 hours, or more. If you decide you want to get all these things done and you’re going to spend about 10 hours a month, but then you find that month after month you’re spending way less than 10 hours so you’re basically throwing money away. If you choose a pay as you go option you can pay for the time that you actually use in a specific month.

The pay as you go option may be a few bucks more than what it would cost to be in a retainer plan, but it’s going to be worth it because if you were spending money on a 10 hour retainer package and just throwing half that money away you’re really going to save if you go with the pay as you go option, even if it is a little bit more per hour.

#3. Hire an assistant for five hours a month and then break down the one to three tasks into the five hours.

You would be surprised how much an assistant can do in five hours a month. In five hours a month she may actually be able to handle all of your customer support emails.

Over time as you realize how valuable of a service that is you can start to increase your budget from there. You may have one task that is really large and has a lot of moving parts – for instance creating your blog content, editing it, getting it shared on social media – or you may have three tasks where there are a couple of things with each one, or you want her to do a whole bunch of things. Again, you’ll be surprised by how much can be done in five hours a month.

The key is that you’re going to know how much you’re spending every single month. It’s going to be a budget that is comfortable for you, it’s not going to make you stress out, it’s not going to make you sweat, and you’re not really locked into anything. However, I do recommend that you do continue to work at moving forward and building that relationship with a team member, because it’s really going to be amazing for you in the long term.

Right now if you’re worried about budget, you’re really going to find these three options to be a lot more comfortable for you as opposed to having something that is 20 hours and you don’t know what to fill those 20 hours with and it’s a lot. If you’re really getting going and you’re worried about budget, these are three different options that you could discuss with a potential VA and see what works for you.

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